Tomito Satori ‎– Man Alive

Exhibit Records ‎– EX07
Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM




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June 25, 2011
Most certainly one of the more underrated Tomito Satori efforts. Style wise it lands somewhere between early Downwards Surgoen, Zet era Inigo Kennedy and a more rudimental, unwrought predecessor to his work on Asymmetric, like a indication of where and how would his sound evolve and mature in the future, especially the A2 track, with its fractured, scattered beats and surging, rasping synths.
B1 is that needle damage, nebula meltdown harsh techno workout like only a younger Inigo could come up with. High frequency noise vibrations caused by puzzling static sounds cause constant nuisance as a thrashing kick just shamelessly grinds on leaving you in the grip of sonic death.
The last track has sinister off kilter percussion and discordant synth keys atop, sounding intentionally thrown off balance, increasing the nervousness level.

You know the score. Very hard and very demented. As much as it's punishing and thundering, it was still head and shoulders above the vast majority of the tough stuff made for clubs. It will send any party to Lucifer's chamber and challenge him to a pillow fight. However, these are way more than just ardent techno tools. Despite of its robotic, cold feel, Kennedy's music always had an additional dimension of creativity and zeal, making him a true musician and a figure whose relevance is still very palpable to the present day. As with the most Exhibit Records releases, this is a lost gem, but most definitely worth whatever you're willing to give up for a copy, given you can find one.