Tor Lundvall ‎– The Shipyard

Dais Records ‎– DAIS 031
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered



Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Very few copies were sent out for promotional purpose with one A4 info-sheet; they have a promo sticker across the back sleeve barcode, without numberation.

Music composed and recorded between February 2009 and April 2010 in East Hampton, New York.
Release comes with full color insert and download card.



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September 15, 2012
This may be the coldest album yet from Tor Lundvall; yes, I know how warm and cuddly some of his works have been in the past, believe me no one is better at capturing the language silence speaks than this fellow. The Shipyard is his first all instrumental work since Empty City and much like that record, this one depicts the interactions between objects and their natural surroundings effortlessly. If you happen to chance upon his site, you will see how seamlessly he integrates some of his paintings into the wide ranging spaces he likes to cover. His music has been termed ghost ambient by some but there's far too much going on for it to leave mere traces. The delicately nuanced choices of sounds which form the basis of his compositions may seem wispy and frail but close your eyes and you will begin to see the majestic canvas Lundvall utilizes to pull us away from our own temporal existence into another realm all together. Feel free to increase the volume to whatever level suits you, a subconscious wonderland of horror and delight awaits.

Tor states that this album consists of material he had germinating in his head from way back in 1990 and that these drones and drowsily dissonant bells are what he came away with all this time later. I have been to many shipyards and the second this record began playing, I instantly was transported there. The lazy, churling waves of green water one finds surrounding a dock... the low tides that ache when surmounted by the locks artificially raising them, the dull pings of sonar which can sometimes be detected late at night while you watch the glowing lights of a city at sea come in from the void. The cruel finger of sunlight is aptly caught on the third track, Morning Smoke. Like the diabolical flash of an angry God's blade, the fog is cut through and begins to dissipate sleekly from the point of contact; you sit on the shore and marvel at how much can be encapsulated simply through attuning to your own environment. The Shipyard is alive and prescient with glistening sentience.

Yes, it will take some serious listening to catch all of the minutiae which Lundvall imparts, he's not one to skimp on atmosphere which is probably why no matter where I am or what I'm doing, bits and pieces of his tracks will slip into my mind and I find myself humming a refrain or whistling one of the myriad melodies he has created.

The Shipyard is not for the easily dissuaded or those who want everything up front within the first 30 seconds of a song, like his visual art, you will simply have to take your time and get to know this new entry in his discography. Some will bemoan the vinyl only option, but surely the free download card contained within the sleeve is reward enough. He also signs all copies purchased from him which makes this release take on an even more intimate hue. You're not just getting some new collection of material, you are getting a snapshot of an artist's creative process as it happens. For many years now, Tor Lundvall has toiled in obscurity often overshadowed by the bigger names out there in the ambient/experimental world but what elevates his creations above so many is not what he puts into them but rather, what is left out. These are not ornate, bombastic overtures they are the base elements of his imagination given shape and form. You won't come away from what he releases with a stupid grin on your face or the spiritualist thrall of a chorus unbound, no, you will feel more connected to your own surroundings than you ever thought possible.