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April 24, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
referencing For The Fallen Ones, 7", Ltd, Bro, ES04
This is a very solid single, and contains 2 of the best Toroidh tracks I've heard. "For The Fallen Ones" is a calm and dark martial ambient piece very much in the style of early Der Blutharsch, with its use of brooding melodies and sparse drumming. Henrik adds a nice touch with reflective and subdued vocals, speaking in a resigned voice: "when your time has come, and your time is up...". The mood (and title) of this song suggests to me a post-battle ode or hymn to, yes, the fallen ones. I really like this song as it has alot of atmosphere. "Hail Wermland" on the other hand is a pure neo-classical tear-jerker in the best tradition of Laibach's "Vojna Poema". A nostalgic trip to a time of conflict, yet so far away from anything resembling a battle, unless it's the battle with your heart at having to say farewell to your loved-one or homeland, before setting off to the front never to return again. This song is based around simple untreated samples of romantic strings and a nameless tenor's voice. These elements combine to strong effect, and it's hard not to be a little moved (even if all Henrik did was paste it all together). The cover artwork surprisingly depicts not WWII era battle, but pre-1918 combat as the pickelhaube makes its prominent appearance. The thick facial hair of the soldiers, and fact that their rifles have bayonets would probably suggest even a pre-WWI era scene; a fascinating aesthetic, and captivating songs...this is martial music done right.