Touring Exhibition Of Sound Environments ‎– The Sounds Of Harris & Lewis / Machair Soundwalks

Earminded ‎– ISBN 0-9542740-0-8
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Sounds Of Harris & Lewis 73:21
1.1a Cuckoo
1.1b Mistle Thrush (Meavag, Harris, 27/5/00)
1.1c Starlings (Leverburgh, Harris, 7/4/99)
1.1d Sheep On Croft (Barvas, Lewis, 19/4/99)
1.1e Sheep Herding / Whistle (Adabroc, Ness, Lewis, 3/4/01)
1.1f Sharpening Scissors / Sheering
1.1g Barvas Fank (Lewis, 3/7/99)
1.1h Generator Start (Distant)
1.1i Electric Sheers
1.1j Generator (Close) (Bru, Lewis, 3/7/99)
1.1k Vibrating Strap And Bolt On Old Trailer (Barvas, Lewis, 21/5/99)
1.1l Peat Cutting (NB5261, Ness, Lewis, 5/4/01)
1.1m Mechanical Peat Cutting (NB5160, Ness, Lewis, 21/5/99)
1.1n Water Dripping From Cliff (Northton, Harris, 7/7/99)
1.1o Electricity Substation In Wet (NG134944, Harris, 5/7/99)
1.1p Passing Car / Cattle Grid (NG096971, Harris, 20/5/99)
1.1q Electric Wool Washing Machine
1.1r Warp Winding (Carloway Mill, Lewis, 6/7/99)
1.1s Cockerel And Croft Ambience
1.1t A.D. Munroes (Tarbert) Mobile Shop Arriving At MacLennan's (Drinishader, Harris, 2/7/99)
1.1u Interior: Buying Groceries
1.1v Scraping Crotal
1.1w Traditional Wooden Hand Loom (Joan MacLennan) (Drinishader Harris, 2/7/99)
1.1x Hattersley Loom
1.1y Rapier Loom (Lewis Castle College Tweed Workshop, Stornoway, 7/1/99)
1.1z Butt Of Lewis Cliff Ambience (Ness, Lewis, 6/5/01)
1.1aa Helicopter Fly-Past (Stornoway Airport, 28/8/99)
1.1bb Sea / Harbour Walls (Port Of Ness, Lewis, 21/5/99)
1.1cc RIB Motor Boat
1.1dd Salmon Jumping In Pen
1.1ee Feeding Salmon / Broadcasting Pellets (Crossbost, Lewis, 24/8/99)
1.1ff Seas Edge - Gentle (St. Clement's, Harris)
1.1gg Lapping Lochan (Loch Steisevat, Leverburgh, Harris, 12/4/99)
1.1hh Beach Waves - Big (Northton, Harris, 8/1/99)
1.1ii Wind Gusting In Trees (Lews Castle Grounds, Stornoway, 21/5/99)
1.1jj Mistle Thrush (Lews Castle Grounds, Stornoway, 7/1/99)
1.1kk Pedestrian Crossing
1.1ll Pedestrians - Cromwell St. (Stornoway Town Centre, 7/1/99)
1.1mm Preacher (Stornoway Pedestrian Square, 3/7/99)
1.1nn 5 O'Clock Bell (Stornoway Clock Tower, 21/5/99)
1.1oo Water Feature / Fountain (Stornoway Pedestrian Sq. 31/5/00)
1.1pp Choir Practice For Mod (Cross Primary School, Ness, 1/5/01)
1.1qq Waulking Song (Donald John MacDonald, Seilebost, Harris, 2/7/99)
1.1rr Hymn (6pm, Exterior Of Free Presbyterian Church, Tarbert, Harris, 4/7/99)
1.1ss Calmac New Ferry And Public Safety Announcement (Tarbert, 7/5/01)
1.1tt Calmac Old Ferry And Public Safety Announcement (Tarbert)
Sound Portrait & Poetry
Ness Sound Portrait 33:37
2.1a Flue Wind
2.1b Rain On Window
2.1c Loom
2.1d Door Latch Open/Close
2.1e Fire Making And Crackle
2.1f Guitar
2.1g Tea Making
2.1h Light Switch & Teeth Brushing
2.1i Sea Gulls
2.1j Scythe
2.1k Paraffin Tractor
2.1l Sea And Oystercatcher
2.1m Fishing Boat, Reel & Radio
2.1n Gutting Herring
2.1o Poem - Do Mo Mhathai Gaelic
2.1p Poem - Do Mo Mhathai English
2.1q Ness Carnival 2001
2.1r Stornoway Pipe Band
2.1s Bus Journey
2.1t Beginners Melodian Practice
2.1u Tea Room
2.1v Ness Melodian Band
2.1w Stornoway Ferry Terminal Interior
2.1x Seas Edge
2.1y Mackenzie Sisters At Taigh Dhonnchaidh
Sound Poetry
Sound Diaries
2.2 Alasdair Smith 2:59
2.3 Lily Greenall 3:41
2.4 Playground 0:51
2.5 Richard John MacFarlane 0:40
2.6 Christian Homer 0:24
2.7 Alasdair Smith 0:26
2.8 Alexander Paul Hope 0:22
2.9 Kyle James Campbell 0:17
2.10 Calvin Kenneth Cupit 0:31
2.11 Stephen Campbell 0:28
2.12 Michelle Campbell (Haiku) 0:09
2.13 Innes MacSween (Haiku) 0:08
2.14 Angela MacLean (Haiku) 0:12
2.15 Lily Greenall (Haiku) 0:10
2.16 Emma Wren (Haiku) 0:20
2.17 Ina Ferguson (Haiku) 0:42
Machair Soundwalks
Soundwalk Across Ness Machair 38:48
3.1a Place And Landscape
3.1b Cockerel And Mink
3.1c Sheep Sheering
3.1d Fog Horn And Past Sounds
3.1e Crossing Cattle Grid Onto The Machair
3.1f Common Grazing
3.1g Cemetery
3.1h Fairy Or Maiden's Stone / Clach Na Gruagaich
3.1i Creation Of Machair
3.1j Blood Stone / Clach Na Fala
3.1k Natural Arch
3.1l Sheep Fank
3.1m Onto Eoropaidh Beach
3.1n "When We Were Children..."
3.1o High Tide Mark
3.1p Smell Of The Sea
3.1q "Sea Dominates The Soundscape."
3.1r "The Eternal Sound Of The Sea."
3.1s Surfers
3.1t North End Of Eoropaidh Sands
3.1u 'Lazy Beds' / Feannagan
3.1v The Butt Of Lewis
Soundwalk Across Northton Machair 35:27
3.2a Place And Machair Creation
3.2b Colour Phases (Yellow)
3.2c Corncrake And Habitat
3.2d Orchids And Other Flora
3.2e Red Petalled Daisy
3.2f 600 Species
3.2g Ploughed Machair
3.2h Calm Day And Sound Of Sea
3.2i The Wind
3.2j Chaipval / 'Bow Shaped Hill'
3.2k "Daisies On The Track And Yellow On Either Side."
3.2l Yellow Pollen Coating Your Shoes
3.2m "A More Impoverished Soil."
3.2n The Islands Of The Sound Of Harris
3.2o "How Calm Is This?"
3.2p A Handful Of Sand
3.2q "The Only Bird That Speaks Gaelic..."
3.2r Sea, Sound & The Weather
3.2s Little Streams
3.2t Squelch Of Seaweed, Clatter Of Rocks (Gneiss)
3.2u Visibility & St. Kilda
3.2v Change In Soil And Flora
3.2w Rumble Of Ferry
3.2x The Old Southtown
3.2y Site Of Chapel (Rubh' An Teampuill)
3.2z "From The Inside Edge Of The Atlantic, To The Outside Edge Of Europe."
3.2aa Entering The Chapel
3.2bb Looking Across To Scarista
3.2cc Distant Surf And Strimmer
3.2dd Heading Out Across Tidal Bay Traigh An Toibh Thuauath
3.2ee 1 Mile To The Sea...
3.2ff Approaching Edge Of Sea
3.2gg "An Inadequate Word Blue..."


Packaged in a colour card, foldout sleeve, with attached 47 page booklet, containing track details, photographs and essays.


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