Trans-Lucid ‎– Trans-Lucid

Cydonian Records ‎– CR 001
CD, Album


1 Funky People 8:56
2 Burning Dance Floor 9:28
3 Invaders 8:38
4 Motor Drome 8:38
5 Trance Fusion 6:24
6 Disco Machine 5:50
7 Scorpion 7:10
8 Dream Dust 7:48
9 Spider 7:16



"Join us on a return trip to the cradle of all human civilisation"


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May 4, 2010

By God almighty, this has to be one of the most irritating albums graced with a "psy" or "goa" label recorded to date. Virtually everything, from the bass lines to the beats, the melody work and the acid, simply put- all of it sucks. Pardon my lack of eloquence, but if you want to chase your neighbors out of the neighborhood, play them any given track off "Trans-Lucid". Check those leads out, at best they sound like Fisher Price synths filtered through that old Magix Music Maker software. Not only is there not a slightest trace of anything psychedelic here, but actually, that is the least of all problems here, 'cause hey, music hasn't got to be strictly mind bending in order to be good. The real issue here is that there isn't one single aspect of the music I could actually say something nice about. The melodies are laughable. Period. The production is as though I recorded this in my bedroom through a tape recorder. Luckily, samples are almost non-existent here, because the ones I've had the misfortune to hear epitomize brainless arrangements and lame use of vocals in what is supposed to be psy trance.
For those looking for some decent goa trance, skip this. For those wanting a psychedelic experience, it's all here. Seriously now. You will have visions of Shiva spitting anthrax infected fire balls out of the subwoofer into your mouth. You'll be glad to take them in too. I'd prefer having fire shoved down my throat rather than Trans-Lucid's sound waves pushed through my ear cavities.
This does not only fail as a (goa) trance album, this is an overall failure within the realms of electronic music. An all around weak record which, if anything, just doesn't deserve its place in the same category as so many other talented artists who made us flip upside our heads during 1996. This is actually bad enough I cannot even file the album under any particular category. Usually, that is a characteristic of good, challenging music not afraid to break out of convnetional genre bounds, but Trans-Lucid doesn't break much more than my hopes for redemption. And this album is way beyond that point. Sorry to be so frank and direct, but this is just childish.