Traumhaft ‎– Dyssomnia EP

Drowne Records ‎– DRW025
4 × File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps

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1 Dyssomnia
2 Insomnia
3 Sleep Deprivation
4 Sleep Apnea
5 Dyssomnia
Remix – Xhei


We are happy to introduce ‘Traumhaft’ from spain, who contain of Oscar Molina and Marc Sastre. They describe themself as a union of two music lovers with a musical and artistic background, and dedicated their work to the most-underground vibes of techno. Coming to light with four originals and an infectious remix by the argentinian techno-stalwart Xhei, this release illustrates how extensive techno can be!

The title track 'Dyssomnia' dives up with a short, apprehencive intro before an assertive kickdrum breaks in which predetermines the tracks direction. Well placed snares reinforce the threatening undertone, and tasty tops prepare this stomper for a massive incoming ride. An industrialesque percussion arises and nasty synths back up the forward-orientation, while clapfires make tension at the right time!

Xhei boils it down with his conceptual rework of ‘Dyssomnia’ and brings to mind that the tracks name is meant absolutely literally! Starting with propelling hi-hats and a huge bassdrum which gets backed up by bulbous low-ends later, the track gains weight very fast. A synth which the track circles around filters-in and creates a straitened atmosphere before washed-out cymbals lay the foundation for the groove! Xhei’s rework blossoms up as soon as the usual beat-arrangements start to crumble and mayhem is taking over! Weird and disturbing texture-snippets shove themself into the foreground, and a bright 909 ride boosts tension to the top!

The second original ‘Insomnia’ starts really classy with nothing more than a kickdrum, a scuffed percussion and ethereal pads, and indicates another 4-to-the-floor stomper. Sharp hihats chop an offbeat-accentuation, while well equalized bass-shots pierce through the frisky groove. Subtle piano-chords spy through the floating soundscape and elaborate in the break before submerging again. The beloved 909 ride bristles with energy, and confirms 'Insomnia' as a tune to keep the floor boiling!

''Sleep Apnea' takes off with a laid-back, ticking groove corroborated by a bassline which sounds like a beating heart. Hypnotic pads arise out of the dust and gain support by detonating effects, before claps and rides come on the scene. Sweet rimshot carbonize the tracks groove while 'Sleep Apnea' prepares to open up and floats into an atmospheric break before it strikes again!

Last, but not least the release is rounded off by 'Sleep Deprivation', which deploys spooky atmospheres and organic percussions alongside an impelling mechanical rhythm. A hardcoresque percussion gets backed up by dusty elements and encloses the right distortion!

In conclusion the 'Dyssomnia EP' comes along as an artistic and conceptual release for the long nights and represents Traumhaft's love for pure underground music. I reaches from energetic forward-orientated techno to unforgivingly disturbing vibes, and leaves also space for cautious sounds for the laaate hours!