Travis, Shook And The Club Wow ‎– The Essential Travis, Shook And The Club Wow



Great Point Song 2:38
Bob Gets A Girl 2:33
Time Marches On 3:04
Enlightenment 2:18
It's Not Too Late 4:07
Don't Wanna See No Smoke (Comin' Outo' That Toaster) 0:40
Rocks 2:31
Like It If It Be That Way (Bob Bets His Lucky Stars) 4:12
Samba 3:54
Happy Birthday 0:36
Na Na Na Na Na Na 2:52
Feelin' 5:18
The Bob Suite (Part II) 4:52
Well, Everything's Gonna Be All Right 0:13


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February 23, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
referencing The Essential Travis, Shook And The Club Wow, LP, Album, JLR 333

When I first picked this I up, I wasn't sure of what it was. Everything at this particular guy's house was $1 and interesting enough that if I didn't know it, I'd grab it. This was loaded with names from the New Rhythm And Blues Quartet and had a Sun Ra cover on it. It's a private pressing with a Massachusetts address, so somewhat from my neck of the woods, a must hear for me.
It's a groovy little record. It's jazzy and light but reminds me of records like Naturally or Sisters Lovers. Not to say that's what this sounds like, but it runs with the same sort of spirit. A pop record on it's own path. All over the place in the same way. The songs are jazzy and above all poppy and catchy but in a whimsical sort of way. A breezy harmony laden sort of affair, blowing from familiar places. Great Point song is a rock solid opener and only begins to let you know the ride you are about to take.
Many covers have a way of going wrong for me but Sun Ra's composition "Enlightenment" is a great interpretation. The versions June Tyson sings are always special to me. I wasn't sure what to think when I saw this listed on the jacket. This version is cool though. It takes the song to a new more poppy place, but still tilts on the edge of the absurd. It's great.
An obvious highlight has to be the Terry Adams written track It's Not Too Late which in fact was the single from this lp.
A truly great little tune. Pop classic! These are hit songs here.
I suppose tracks like Feeling will incline someone to call this a downer or a loner psych record and while a great band on the record, this is really a pop rock record with truly inspired song writing that should be deemed as such.
A tasteful record in all the right ways. The production puts this record in the room with you.
Moods evoked are from the honesty of the songs and arrangements, not studio trickery.
It sounds real modern in the way all classic pop should. Considering the Nilsson, Beach Boy, Big Star infatuation, surprised more people haven't picked this up or sight it as
a reference point.
It should and does sit with the best of them.