Trent Reznor And Atticus Ross ‎– The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (For Your Consideration: Best Original Score)

2 × CD, Limited Edition, Promo, Stereo


1-1 I Can't Take It Anymore
1-2 Salander Goes Home
1-3 Morrel's Report
1-4 Heartbreak
1-5 Salander / Cecilia / Harold
1-6 Varmland
1-7 Maps
1-8 Bjurman BJ
1-9 Salander Returns To The House
1-10 Archives
1-11 Coffee Cup
1-12 Martin's Story
1-13 Martin Traps Blomvist
1-14 Car Chase
1-15 Harriet Theme 4
1-16 Salander's Trip
1-17 North Pole
1-18 Media Event Of The Year
1-19 Harriet's Story
1-20 Bank Sequence
1-21 Harriet Theme 1
1-22 Salander Tattoos Bjurman
2-1 Millennia
2-2 She's One Of The Best, She's Different
2-3 Parade Photos
2-4 Bible Verse
2-5 Plague, Trinity & Wasp
2-6 Salander Arrives At Bjurman's
2-7 Salander Reports To Blomvist
2-8 Sanander At Wennerstrom's Apartment
2-9 Blomvist Shot
2-10 Lovemaking
2-11 Harriet's Flowers
2-12 Harriet / The Accident
2-13 Salander At Soder Hospital
2-14 Meeting Bjurman
2-15 Salander Raped
2-16 Salander Tasers Bjurman
2-17 Martin Interviews Blomkvist
2-18 Blomvist Meets Martin
2-19 Blomvist Travels To Hedestadt
2-20 Widow Brannlund's Photos
2-21 Dead Cat


Two CD FYC (For Your Consideration) promotional release of the score for the motion picture, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".
Limited edition release, distributed only to motion picture academy members for consideration of "Best Film Score" award. This is an alternate album featuring the actual film cues, which have alternate titles, edits and mixes from the versions on the commercially available soundtrack, along with one composition not on the soundtrack release.