Trimada ‎– Left Behind

Mechanical Dragon Records ‎– MECHD-03
CD, Album


1 Left Behind 1:40
2 Voices 6:57
3 Lost Soul 6:59
4 Dead Silence 9:07
5 Son Of The Devil 7:04
6 Silent Hill 9:04
7 Darkness Falls 8:43
8 Shadow World Pain 7:55
9 Constantine 8:21
10 The Return 8:36




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June 10, 2009
edited over 7 years ago

So I was talking about Reeko and Melek-tha copulating in an unholy man-love ritual of chaotik, dire evil. I don't do this often, honest, really I don't. Seriously it's not often music like this comes along, modern electronic industrial dance genres tend to be utterly miserable, full as they are with generic trashy cookie monster vocals and pathetic trance or electro drums with a dash of added distortion.

So my first reaction to discovering "Left Behind" was along the lines of "holy fuuuuck". Not the most original of reactions I grant you but consider what this is: industrial psy-tech-trance. Don't let the "psy" bit put you off! This is what you could expect of Moctan were they to up the BPMs a little further and drift towards trance.

Which means endless pounding of abrasive machine industrial set to relentless 4/4 drums. I haven't honestly sat through this enough to pick a stand-out track yet, but it's consistently hard, fast, and head-fucking. And it does change things up! it's not a typical 77 minute set of the same stuff throughout:

Son Of The Devil has a somewhat more typical dark-psy feel, with its one-note bassline, but we can forgive it that with all the devilish chaos noise above it. Shadow World Pain slows the tempo a little for something more Moctan/technoid in style, so it comes across as more malevolent, a slow creeping evil. Silent Hill has an out-right trance rhythm to it, making for a much needed contrast to technoid pieces such as The Lost Soul and Shadow World Pain. It has sharp, rising reverse noises set against some bass stabs, and some persistant hi-hats. Unstoppable.

The British Murder Boys legacy lives on!