True Desire ‎– When You Thought I Had It / The T. D. Theme

Destiny Records (9) ‎– DTY-8053S
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM




Private pressing, released as 7inch only

Published by Seismic Music ASCAP
True Desire Productions

Destiny Records
31 Nassau Ave. Wilmington,
Mass. 01887


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March 2, 2013
30 years ago this year,we went into LARRY
FEENEY'S small 8 track recording studio. it was our first time in a professional studio setting, and we would only be there for about three hours, for the entire recording. The previous month we had recorded what I thought was always the hottest version of this song on a FOSTEX 4 track recorder, in HAROLD BROWN'S ROOM on WESTLAND AVENUE in the Back BAY around the corner from BERKLEE SCHOOL of MUSIC. We used a BOSS DR 110 DRUM MACHINE, and a PROPHET ONE SYNTH. Harold would later improvise the T.D. Theme, using FEENEY'S studio piano, with a little delay. When I wrote this song I referenced the Temptation"s DENNIS EDWARDS style, (at least I tried to) of vocalizing, as did a lot of BOSTON'S LEAD VOCALISTS, Including JOEY LITES, of PLANET PATROL, LARRY WOO, of MODERNIQUE, as did the lead singers of other LOCAL BOSTON GROUPS, like LAZAR, THE ELECTRIC POWER BAND just to name a few. We were R and B SINGERS, pure and simple, but with advent of the synth, in a few short years the quality of vocals would be reduced drastically. I'm very proud of the fact, that our recording was so crude production wise, in relationship to some of the other groups that would release records, before, and after TRUE DESIRE. Years later, I feel like we produced a blues version, of PLANET ROCK with lyrics. We plugged into the board, set the levels, and hit record. LARRY had no idea what we were doing. We sang the vocal twice, keeping the second one. Then would come the brilliance of PLANET PATROL'S "PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK" Album. The finest version of recorded NEO-SOUL, which is what we were doing, that was ever produced. I think it ended the whole idea of vocal groups trying to record in this style. No more dynamics,or vocal inflections, future vocal styles of electronic music, would be flat droning that was based on pitch, not SOUL. We have never really received the credit that was deserved for the BOSTON R and B music scene of the 70's & early 1980's, Because we were all very independent, and individualistic in our musical vision. This vision was always based on an understanding of the past, but with a desire to innovate, and we know that the old tine music business, like the present day music business, can't handle that. But fortunately time allows us to witness what was good, bad, and mediocre. The groups that would come out of Boston in the late 80's, and early 1990's, would have been "roadies" to the groups that came before them, and many of them were. (we won't call names, cause we don't have to, check your local t.v. listings)



November 12, 2009
edited over 8 years ago

And here we go with another fresh private 7inch release, unfortunately no 12inch available.
Super fresh Electro Funk...or something else LOL, not easy to describe. It have a pure Electro Beat and cool
male vocals, really something special. Very obscure stuff. Also some nice melodies, trust me, a really fresh record.
In any case a very collectable record.