Trumans Water ‎– Spasm Smash XXXOXoX Ox & Ass



Aroma Of Gina Arnold
Speeds Exceeding
Good Blood After Bad
Death To Dead Things
Sun Go Out
Bludgeon Elites + Stagger
Athelete Who Is Suck
Top Of Morning
Lo Priest
Soar Ossinaxxx At Long Last
Our Doctors Think We're Blind
Finger 6 Steps Ahead Of Our Minds
La Jolla My Armpit
Mindstab Forklift
To Milktruck
Bladder Stomp: Krautrock
The Sad Skinhead


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August 15, 2017
referencing Spasm Smash XXXOXoX Ox & Ass, 2xLP, Album, ELM 9LP
If i remember correctly (long shot), John Peel considered this record so unique at the time he allocated a whole evenings show to play it. Even if that's all bollocks, this release is a beast.


June 3, 2016
referencing Spasm Smash XXXOXoX Ox & Ass, 2xLP, Album, ELM 9LP
Is sloppy math rock a genre? Pavement with a Jesus Lizard instrumental bent. Despite the alt rock time frame references, this is a very fresh sounding band. I've had this records since it came out but not listened too it much. That will change.


June 29, 2015
referencing Spasm Smash XXXOXoX Ox & Ass, 2xLP, Album, ELM 9LP

Incredible kitchen-sink post-hardcore noise from legendary San Diego (now Portland) band! Make a mixtape with this and Polvo's Today's Active Lifestyles!


July 1, 2007
edited over 14 years ago
referencing Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass, CD, Album, ELM 9CD

Trumans Water's indisputable masterpiece takes the band's patented angular riffs and counter-intuitive time changes to their ultimate extreme.

Shorn of all clutter, their songs are continuous series of crescendos and climaxes, as tension inducing riffs are followed by screaming thrash out.

The record seems infused with chaos as guitars career through songs, untethered from each other concerned only with squeezing in another riff or hook.

Such is the relentless savagery, it takes an impressive stamina to listen to the whole album's 77 minutes in one sitting. However, Trumans Water have never sounded so focused, either before or since.