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From Bandcamp:

During our first tour, we stopped by Bad Racket Studios in Cleveland to shoot a live video for waves... We clicked so well with James that he decided to let us record all that we were able to the following day before leaving for our next show. So with a couple hours to spare, we set up our gear, pressed record, and just went to it.
All of these songs were recorded live, which was just too ideal of an opportunity, because this is the most raw and sincere trunkweed experience available online to-date.
While most of these songs do appear on "Days of Haze', the entirety of that album was written and performed separately from the entity that has become and is, trunkweed. Sitting in my apartment gave me too much freedom to add sounds and instruments to the mix that are unnatural to our persona. This album evokes the same feelings, but in an entirely new light; we are, indeed, a live band and these songs are a refreshing assurance that we are real.

We are charging in hopes of raising money to fund a grand full length this spring. If you really refuse to pay or just are that broke, email us and we'll send a code.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Bad Racket by: James Kananen