Tumor For Christmas ‎– Self Titled

Black Tongue Records ‎– BTR001
CDr, Album


1 Charlie Haymaker's Nuts
2 Intro
3 China Front
4 Columbian Necktie
5 Subconscious
6 Falling Backwards
7 Peter Parlor
8 Feeding The Worms
9 Flying Orphanage Disaster Team
10 Leak Out The Window
11 Apogee
12 Panty Odor
13 Bathroom Break
14 Pick Her Seat
15 I Love Pussy
16 Ladies Dresses & Men's Pants
17 Scooter Tramp
18 Hot Nuts
19 (Never Panic & Run)
20 Breach Birth
21 Transvestite Cubscout Leader
22 Blundering Advertisement
23 Stupid
24 Smoldering Cigeretts



original release was on full size jewel case then later issued on slim line jewel case.

back cover :

p-brain : gears, levers, and aspirin
naphtha nape : skin spasms
recorded mid 2000 to mid 2001 at Stomach Acid and Meat Farm Studios
eat and retire blockhead!

CD Cover design by R.A.West and R.Faust 2001 for info visit : www.RAWARTSTUDIOS.com ( site is obsolete )

inside cover :

all songs rheemed and perforated by P-brain
King of the Couch correlates on tracks - 2,4,13, & 22
Recorded at The Meathouse and The Sweat
Box Arena while playing football

Front Cover photo of Matt Bartell
Art work by P-Brain
Graphic Design by Ralph Faust

Thanks to : Janice the very attractive very big breasted
woman, Amanda and her 10 pound ball, Ron, Rob, Fritz, Ringo Bud
Oil Can Greese, Corn Kakes, The Sweet Dreams Magical Prince
of Poo Poo, The whole Westfall tribe, and the Crow