Tumor (3) ‎– Horrible Splatter Holocaust

Tomas Canceras Recs ‎– none
CDr, Compilation, Unofficial Release


Cannibal Christmas 13:57
1-a Intro/Vom Himmel Hoch
1-b Cannibal Christmas
1-c Pressurize Til Headburst
1-d Bloody Haircut
1-e Nuclear Blitzkrieg Bop
1-f Slut In Shreds
1-g Twilight Of The Gods
1-h Rotting In A Ditch
1-i Suicidal Anthem
1-j Implantated Parasites
1-k Grandma's Mysterious Return
1-l Fashitic Religious Slaughterers
1-m Should All Be Hung
1-n Pathological Error
1-n Morbid Hatetunes Pt. 1+2
1-o Vegetarian Butcher
1-p Reincarnated To Kill
1-q No Man Alive
Flesh Salad 13:37
2-a Reanimation Of Dead Souls
2-b Transformed To Dust
2-c Infectious Epidemic
2-d Dead In Bed
2-e Shock Therapy
2-f Ramification To Putrefaction
2-g Evil Invasion Of Deformed Ghouls
2-h Entering The Zone Of Darkness
2-i Mental Abortion Of Morbid Fantasies
2-j Lifeline Absorber
2-k Verreckt
2-l Melancholic Grinder
2-m Human Fireball
2-n Foetus Blaster
2-o Ballad Of Corpse In Wood
2-p Possession Of Crucifixion
2-q Bath In Lava
2-r Cerebral Disease
2-s Maggots In Me
2-t Cutting The Artery Pt. 1 + 2
2-u Flesh Salad
2-v Tumor
2-w Dancing With The Dead
2-x Merciless Murder
2-y Caught In Nighmares
2-z War Aggressor
2-aa Brigade Of The Deceased
2-ab Polluted Blood
2-ac Heartbeat Dropout
2-ad Feuer
Untitled 6:49
3-a Untitled
3-b Untitled
3-c Untitled
3-d Untitled
3-e Untitled
3-f Untitled
3-g Untitled
3-h Untitled
3-i Untitled
3-j Untitled
3-k Untitled
3-l Untitled
3-m Untitled
3-n Untitled
3-o Untitled
3-p Untitled
3-q Untitled
3-r Untitled
3-s Untitled
3-t Untitled
3-u Untitled
Splattered Human Goulash
4 Insane Corpse Collector 1:15
5 Mutilated Beyond Recognition 0:45
6 Eaten By Myself 1:20
7 My Love Was Strangulated 0:51
8 Embalmed In Glue 0:14
9 Too Dumb To Die 0:45
10 I Wanna Cut Myself In Two Pieces 1:31
11 Fingers For Dinner 0:19
12 Gurgling Nitric Acid 0:14
13 Grown In A Carcass 1:56
14 Slaughter Your Daughter 0:46
15 Bloodskating 0:55
16 Smash Their Velvet Paws 0:39
17 3 Wishes Free: Terror, Chaos, Disorder 0:42
18 Massacre Of The Audience 0:39
19 Extreme Protured Boils 1:04
20 Moldy Nosh's My Favourite Dish 0:25
21 Eliminate A Sheltered Life 0:14
22 Sadistic Self - Laceration 1:49
23 My Mom's A Massmurder 0:32
24 No Grip On Guts 0:15
25 Splatter'em All 0:28
26 I Kill I Hate I Torture I Rape 0:50
27 Render Evil For Good 0:18
28 The Smell Of Burnt Flesh 0:15
29 Splutter Your Brain Matter 1:03
30 She Was Buried In Her Teens 0:14
31 Electro-Shocked Bodies 0:42
32 Lebendig In Den Tod 1:58
33 Go You Fucker 0:27
34 Scream Your Lungs Out 0:33
35 The Horrible Death Of Romeo & Juliet 0:04


CDr comes without titles on track 2 and 3.

Track 1: taken from EP "<a href="http://www.discogs.com/release/765917">Cannibal Christmas</a>".
Track 2: taken from EP "<a href="http://www.discogs.com/release/739192">Flesh Salad</a>".
Track 3: taken from split EP with <a href="http://www.discogs.com/artist/Noiseslaughter">Noiseslaughter</a>.
Tracks 4-35: taken from 10" LP "<a href="http://www.discogs.com/release/764198">Splattered Human Goulash</a>".