Twice A Man ‎– The E-groups Rarities Project

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6 × CDr, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release


Aquamarine Drum
A1 Twice A Man Turbulence Level 4:30
A2 Twice A Man Seaweed Level 7:20
A3 Twice A Man Aquamarine Level 8:05
A4 Twice A Man Dolphins 6:08
A5 Twice A Man Waterland 4:30
A6 Twice A Man Across The Ocean (MC Version) 7:50
A7 Twice A Man In The Eye Of The Whale 19:50
Extra Tracks
A8 Karl Gasleben / Dan Söderqvist Tertiär 3:51
A9 Twice A Man Japanese Swans 3:11
A10 Twice A Man Skyline Angel (7" Mix) 3:49
A11 Twice A Man The Sound Isn't Organized Yet (7" Mix) 4:39
Slow Swirl
B1 Twice A Man In Thin Air 3:29
B2 Twice A Man Out Of Focus 3:34
B3 Twice A Man Observations From A Borderline 5:56
B4 Twice A Man Divided Light 6:14
B5 Twice A Man Large Glass 4:21
B6 Twice A Man Swirl 4:20
B7 Twice A Man Tribal Ways 6:45
B8 Twice A Man Nowhere 6:45
Extra Tracks
B9 Twice A Man Only Relief 5:45
B10 Twice A Man Plan F 4:01
B11 Twice A Man 'O' Akt II 19:52
C1 Twice A Man The Crown 4:23
C2 Twice A Man Lady Macbeth 4:07
C3 Twice A Man Banquet 3:36
C4 Twice A Man The Murder Of Duncan 4:30
C5 Twice A Man Jesterking 2:53
C6 Twice A Man The Witches 3:58
C7 Twice A Man Insanity 1:59
C8 Twice A Man Death Of Lady Macbeth 5:18
C9 Twice A Man Warmusic 3:42
Lars Falk
D1 Lars Falk Let Tomorrow Take Over 3:40
D2 Lars Falk Hello Hello 7:08
D3 Lars Falk Rainy Days 6:02
D4 Lars Falk In The City 4:21
D5 Lars Falk Through 4:49
D6 Lars Falk Smell Of Chaos 5:25
D7 Lars Falk TV-Eye 3:58
D8 Lars Falk Doors 3:48
Perma Blue
E1 Jocke Söderqvist Overcoats And Underlings 5:45
E2 Jocke Söderqvist Colossus 4:46
E3 Jocke Söderqvist Winter Nights 6:03
E4 Jocke Söderqvist The Waiting Room 4:45
E5 Jocke Söderqvist The Dream (Instrumental) 4:05
E6 Jocke Söderqvist Sleepy 4:35
E7 Jocke Söderqvist Frozen Hearts Café 4:14
E8 Jocke Söderqvist A Song For Me 4:30
E9 Jocke Söderqvist We'll Found Our Way 4:29
Cosmic Overdose
Final Koko
F1 Cosmic Overdose Missiles 2:20
F2 Cosmic Overdose Modern DADA 6:32
F3 Cosmic Overdose Romantic 5:45
F4 Cosmic Overdose Strip-Tease (Instrumental) 2:48
F5 Cosmic Overdose Care 2:38
F6 Cosmic Overdose 80-30 5:47
F7 Cosmic Overdose Mainline 2:41
F8 Cosmic Overdose October 5:05
To Night
F9 Cosmic Overdose To Night 3:03
F10 Cosmic Overdose Dead 2:57
Observation Galen
F11 Cosmic Overdose Observation Galen 1:50
F12 Cosmic Overdose Isolatorer 5:15


1999-2000 the small but active Twice A Man mailing list at e-groups (later merged with yahoogroups) compiled a bunch of tracks that at the time wasn't available on CD or vinyl or just incredibly hard to find at the time. Permission to release a maximum of 15 sets of discs within the mailing list community was obtained directly from the band.

Material compiled by and discs burnt by Jonas Wårstad and distributed by mail to recipients. Many chose to design their own sleeves based on official designs.