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The (Series Premiere) was Love, Lies & Betrayal: The End Justifies The Means-Flava Tape Vol. XI
Released 7/22/14
now he's back with a new season and the (Series Epilogue)
Trials & Tribulationships

Tribulationship [trib-yuh-ley-shuh n-ship] noun;
1. a relationship that endures trials & tribulations; an emotional affinity between people.
2. a love connection that feels so bad but it hurts so good; to love hard conditionally.

Relationships can be abundant with LOVE, confused by LIES or caught up in a scandal of BETRAYAL that can spin you into a web of trials & tribulations. This graphic audio vignette blends traditional hip-hop, lustrous rhythm & blues and head-bangin' beats with strokes of colorful lyrics to paint vivid tunes & images of all the good, the bad, the wild & crazy s#!t that couples go through in that seemingly never-ending quest to find a true soul mate.
“I used 50 shades of "Real-ationships" to illustrate artistic stories on a musical canvass and the portrait is my classic masterpiece called Trials & Tribulationships”, says Twice Thou.

Call it a 'reality show' on wax if you will, because the songs are arranged into two seasons and a finale;
Season I (15) tracks Season II (9) tracks and the Season Finale (3) bonus tracks.
(22) hard hittin' songs animated with (5) true-to-life skits deliver a critically acclaimed melodic-sitcom that's light & dark, soulful & jazzy, comical & bold, witty & gritty yet romantic & real.
“The concept was inspired by personal encounters, conversations with friends & family and a natural desire to make a soundtrack you could watch in your head as you listen to rhythmic episodes about monogamy, love triangles, cheaters, swingers, love, lust, jealousy, fly women, jewelry, cars, commitment, separation, sex-addiction and happiness because the ins & outs, the ups & downs and merry-go-rounds of what we all experience when dating someone is not always all bad and it's not always all good, but it is always what we make it”, says Twice Thou.

Trials & Tribulationships was produced with a heavy influx of symphonic diversity, real-life subject matter and thought-provoking titles to make this poetic body of work engaging to a wide range of listeners.
Prismatic titles like The 10 Real-ationship Commandments, Loves Me Not, I Let One Get Away,
Be Alright, Men Like You, Every Lady, That's My Story, Somethin' Better, Platinum Plush,
Luv Triangle, Always Come Back and the Almighty RSO classic “You Could Be My Boo f/ Faith Evans
re-make..Still My Boo f/ Celeste Simpson will have you trying to judge the proverbial book by the cover before you had a chance to read it or in this case...listen to it.

Seventeen featured talents appear on this album supremely referred to as “Twice Thou's 17” on the closer “Thank You's” track. (9) hip-hop artists along with (8) male & female vocalists penned catchy hooks, dramatic stories and quotable verses to complete the mission for this tour de force of collaborations.
They include Nancia, Letia Larok, Akrobatik, Mann Terror, Jimi BlackSheep, Tony Rhome, Dutch ReBelle, R. Les, Celeste Simpson, Rey Royale, Gee Venomcity, AkNahlej AllEyeSeer, Dinquinesh, Mr. Keys,
EZ Swayze, Mara and introducing Olivia Harris. All hailing from Boston, Massachusetts.

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  • Barcode: 889211733828