Twiztid ‎– Toxic Terror

Psychopathic Records ‎– PSY4201

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1 Toxic Terror
2 The Sickness
Rapper – Blaze Ya Dead Homie
3 Wile Out
Rapper – R.O.C
4 If They Don't Come For Me
Rapper – Shaggy 2 Dope
5 Sex, Drugs, Money & Murder - Version 2
Rapper – Boondox, Violent J
6 So Addictive (Original Version)
7 ????
Rapper – Master P



Toxic Terror Infecting the Masses!

The hazmat team is packing up, the caution tape is blowing in the wind, and Psychopathic HQ still has a green glow to it... all because our homies Twiztid have been up in that bitch, spurting, stirring, and smokin a chemical concoction we call The Toxic Terror Tour! They hit the road hours ago, and ninjas are still creepin in full on zombie mode, but that's just the way we want it! Juggalos will feel the chemical corruption of the Toxic Terror all across the country, starting tonight, and ending only when the whole landscape is a septic wasteland! If you can survive the catastrophic concert, make your way to the merch booth and grab the Toxic Terror EP, cuz these earth-scorching shows are the only place you can get it! Since you'll be too busy at the show, wondering why your wig just melted off, we're gonna hook you up with the track listing:

1. Toxic Terror
2. The sickness w/Blaze Ya Dead Homie
3. Wile Out w/ROC
4. If They Don't Come For Me
5. Sex, Drugs, Money and Murder-Version 2 w/Boondox and Violent J
6. So Addictive (Original Version)
7. Feel Me w/Master P

So you can check out Twiztid live with their homies Boondox, DJ Clay, and Project Born, then you can pick up an exclusive Twiztid CD that features Blaze, The ROC, Violent J, production by Stir Crazy, and the one-and-only Master P!?! Your frail, decomposing dome can't handle this much flavor! Grab your asbestos undies and hit up the Toxic Terror Tour!