UNKLE ‎– Where Did The Night Fall



Nowhere 0:42
Follow Me Down 4:24
Natural Selection 4:12
Joy Factory 4:00
The Answer 4:41
On A Wire 4:54
Falling Stars 5:50
Heavy Drug 1:14
Caged Bird 5:09
Ablivion 4:30
The Runaway 3:47
Ever Rest 4:22
The Healing 4:28
Another Night Out 5:13

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
SURR017CD UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album) Surrender All SURR017CD UK 2010 Sell This Version
none UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(29xFile, MP3, Ltd, Album, 192) Surrender All none UK 2010
SURR017CDX UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(2xCD, Album + Box, Ltd) Surrender All SURR017CDX UK & Europe 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017CDX UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(2xCD, Album, Ltd + Box) Surrender All SURR017CDX Japan 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017LP UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(3xLP, Album, Pic + Box, Ltd) Surrender All SURR017LP UK & Europe 2010 Sell This Version
MR 4779-2 UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album) Moon Records (2) MR 4779-2 Ukraine 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017HMV UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album) Surrender All SURR017HMV UK 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017CD UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album) Surrender All, Soyuz Music SURR017CD Russia 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017CDU UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album) Surrender All SURR017CDU US 2010 Sell This Version
PCDT-14 UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album, Car) Traffic Inc. PCDT-14 Japan 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017CDP UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album, Promo) Surrender All SURR017CDP UK 2010 Sell This Version
PODCD0745 UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album, Sup) Pod PODCD0745 Australia & New Zealand 2010 Sell This Version
SURR017CDU UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall(CD, Album, Unofficial) Surrender All (2) SURR017CDU Russia 2010 Sell This Version
none UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall - Another Night Out(27xFile, AAC, 320) Surrender All none US 2011
SURR017CR Unkle Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out(CD, Album, RE + CD, Comp) Surrender All SURR017CR UK & Europe 2011 Sell This Version
PODCD0758 Unkle Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out(CD, Album, RE + CD, Comp) Pod PODCD0758 Australia & New Zealand 2011 Sell This Version
SURR017CXR UNKLE Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out(CD, Album, RE + CD, Comp + Box, Ltd) Surrender All SURR017CXR UK & Europe 2011 Sell This Version


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August 22, 2017
referencing Where Did The Night Fall, 3xLP, Album, Pic + Box, Ltd, SURR017LP

I am a bit surprised that after 7 years from the release date no one wrote at least few words about this gorgeous box set. This box set - a real piece of art. The book with printed photographs on silver paper looks amazing. The 12" booklet with lyrics is very nice too. And of course, the sound quality of all 3 picture discs is very good. I am very happy with my purchase.


March 9, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
referencing Where Did The Night Fall, 2xCD, Album + Box, Ltd, SURR017CDX

Not as immediate an album as War Stories was, this baby is a grower and grow it will, pity its due for a rerelease already and an even bigger pity that instead of giving us a proper remix album of the original release they're opting to give us the album as it was originally done. The bonus is that, for those of you that like your art and photography their is almost a whole new package coming our way with a bonus disc filled with tunes from previous EP's and some brand new tracks to boot . Will I personally stump up the money for this, nope I'll get myself the normal CD with 2nd new disc instead. Too much money is too much money in my world, splendid artwork or not.


October 26, 2010
referencing Where Did The Night Fall, CD, Album, SURR017CD
1. Nowhere:
Nice electro-trippy ouverture with a rising sound to make sure "Follow Me Down" gets the right start. New to fans that the intro has no spoken words to open the new approaching UNKLE monster, but as written it's the perfect start to get "Follow Me Down" in the pole position as the first full track.
2. Follow Me Down:
Female voices with a strong character, bjorkesque, but individual. Pushing drum lines, also very little kind of arabian or oriental bits that also appear in other tracks on this album and also back on war stories; think it's kind a fancy since The Chems started this electroarabic fusion with "Galvanize" - I like that. Additionally, those horns do great, create a sort of epic deepness that shows the filmscore influences. Plus they make a good end of that track. Really a great track, that shows it's possibilities to grow and it's strengthness to morph with it's "Golden Filter Remix", a slower but packed with more glorious and powerful effects. I personally like the original track more, it is really a glower.
3. Natural Selection:
This version really is what New Order could have become if they were not only quoting themselves. If New Order would have managed to evolve, to make an upright update of their knowledge and creativity, this could be sound of today. But this is not a New Order song, it's a new UNKLE world order track in its best meaning. Unfamiliar how popular it sounds, but at the same time it catches UNKLE and non UNKLE geeks. As the collaborations with South, Verve and Oasis wave their hands of incluence from deep behind, they stand in the spotlight while hearing the Team Ghost remix of this track. Again I'd prefer this album version, as it is nearer to the amalgamation of electro and rock UNKLE today obviously likes to stand for. Krautrockish somehow, I really like the harder guitar parts to lead in and out of the electro parts.
4. Joy Factory
This (sorry to use that word) updated trip-hop style thingy would have also worked very well in the past, giving me memories of great tracks by Gus Gus. The track itself covers a lot of ground, I think the 8bit blinky, bubbly soundbits, which remind me of Nintendo style 1Up Games match with the voices, that wiggle around the bassline. Alltogether conclusive but not the best track on this album.
5. The Answer
Is really the answer to the question if this band is really evolving to become a reasonable live band, why they will work on great live gigs, festival and more. This opens up, this takes you on a journey, like a sightseeing bus through the universe, only stopping to see another weird alien race, then moving on. Would also love to see this getting an outer spacer video, close to the vid effects we see on the latest gigs. Definitely among the best three tracks of this album. This is also worth being extended to a very large monster track, even more this track could become UNKLE's live gig 20 minute "Get Ready". It's a live monster, if arranged right in front of a waving mass. Now used as a start, extended it might be the perfect last track on a gig.
6. On A Wire
If I was forced to name a filler on this album and wouldn't be able to refuse that, this track would be it. Sadly this female voice doesn't fit the impulsive, drifty drum lines, it more slows down than supporting the strong words that could have expressed the anger that lies in the lyrics.
7. Falling stars
Please be kind to this song, it might become the president of this album. Another one of the three best tracks of this album. And a good example why UNKLE makes profit from it's knowledge of timing and exact setting of rising levels of emotions. If James says his personal dilemmas are a reason for getting an UNKLE record done, thank god he doesn't live on sunny, daisy filled greenyard. As there are very nice tensions in these words, this would also make a good "next to last" track for a gig.
8. Heavy Drug
Epic right from the start, why the hell this has been cut short anyway? Would have loved to listen to this as an extended spacy thing. Too sad. Thank god there are longer versions and awesome remixes around.
9. Caged Bird
Although not among the three best tracks, this is the best song with a female voice on this album, as voice and instruments work very well together. No electronic roots on the horizon anymore, but this combination of the dark side of the country/ folk force and the arabic or oriental bits earlier mentioned works as a live song and as an album track. Cool, and definitely no filler, really.
10. Ablivion
In the beginning of this track, this tune somehow quotes the Never Never Land based Reign, not bad but somehow sounds like from the past. I'd let this pass the door to this album as the live played drums uplifts it to today. Again cool, no filler, but not enough climaxing elements to make it to the stage. As an album track it works great. My proof of appreciation: Wouldn't skip forward while using a mp3 player.
11. The Runaway
Pulsing beats, emotionless singeress, to the point lyrics: This track shows the coolness of the female of today. It fits into the tempo ups and downs of the album, but for me the times of sad, emotionless womens speaking over a monotone sound are over. If there are three weaker songs on this album, this would be number one.
12. Ever Rest
Lavelle stated they dropped so many songs, then why has this been taken on the album? This tries to be almost everything, an electronic reminiscence, a reduced percussion track, an criminative Stinglike voice ... If this is more than anything, this would be number two of the three weaker songs.
13. The Healing
If this had come earlier on this album, it would stand among those tunes that state the new UNKLE sound. Now it might get lost to the people who skip a few tracks to get to the last and most impressive voice of Mark Lanegan. Number three of the weaker tracks and if those three had to be on this album, why put them so close together? The presence of possible fillers is doubled or more trippled by the continuous closeness of the three weak tracks. Thank god there is
14. Another Night Out
What a great track. As Burn My Shadow marked the end of the electronic NNL era and then felt new but somehow uncomfortable to the UNKLE geeks that had to change direction with James Lavelle. Burn My Shadow growed more and more and is, now that the new album comes to an end, somehow an introduction and a justification for this Johnny cash like country rock track, that is now allowed to wear the label UNKLE. If this is what UNKLE is today, hell yeah, I am truely with you, James & Pablo!

The album alltogether is an UNKLE record. Experimental, but always loyal to the different roots of UNKLE, loyal to the different roots of James who puts the Fiction into this album and more to the great Pablo, who put the Psycho back into UNKLE. Getting a full Pablo Clements into this project has done more to the evolution of UNKLE than the pure attempt to include live musicians and high carat singers. In the end we have UNKLE as a project and as a band. Although James is really inventive and creative when it comes to using his connections and skills as a cooperator, but along with the passionate drum adorer Pablo, who knows how to rock a crowd, this is UNKLEstyle at it's best. It is really necessary that this gets the deserved appreciation of more than only from us, the hardcore fanbase.


September 30, 2010
referencing Where Did The Night Fall, CD, Album, SURR017CD
This was released 5 months ago yet no one has entered an entry for the limited edition vinyl. Perhaps the greedy price of £100 for a triple album has put people off?