Ultimate Xperience* ‎– Lazarus Rising

Neogoa ‎– NEOG053
7 × File, WAV, Mini-Album

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Written, performed, engineered & produced by Kris Kylven @ Universum Maschine Studio - Laibach - Slovenia

Track 5 originally written by Ben Watkins & Mike Maguire (under kind permission)
Track 6 influenced by Kraftwerk’s Radioactivity (Radioaktivität)
Track 7 post production mastering by Mark Nomen at dB Factory

Track tempos (BPM)
1: 145 | 2: 145 | 3: 145 | 4: 145 | 5: 142 | 6: 120 | 7: 127


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November 16, 2018
edited 4 months ago

Kris Kylven produced some awesome Goa tracks and the all-time classic UX album. Along with Sandman and Xenomorph, he is the innovator in futuristic scifi, industrial and gothic trance, what is sometimes called darkpsy. This new record is a noble addition to that legacy. There are some great sounds, atmospheres and melodies here. I find it strange that, as a drummer, or ex-drummer, the weakness on the album seems to me to be ho-hum drums. For me, he relies too much on the galloping bass and drums of "full on", which sometimes seems a bit of a choke on the music. Nevertheless, despite this caveat, this is a worthy album that should be heard. It would sound so good on vinyl! ~*~


August 22, 2016
edited over 2 years ago

Ultimate Xperience is Kris Kylven's solo project and an evolution of the legendary UX (Kris + Pete Martin), but he was also recording as Cyberkrist, Element Over Nature or Syb Unity Nettwerk and was actively contributing to the music of Juno Reactor, Killing Joke, Faithealers or Eon Project.

Right of the bat it has to be said, that Lazarus Rising sounds almost nothing like the classic UX, i.e. largely gone are the twirly, labyrinthine arpeggios and meandering, interweaving melodies. Instead, this album is more akin to Juno Reactor in their "Beyond The Infinite" / "Bible of Dreams" phase, reworked as a - very good - full on. Kris has a very keen ear for simple but catchy riffs, incredible feeling for driving, hypnotic rhythmic sequences (he's a drummer, after all!) and wonderful knack for unusual major-scale chord progressions, boldly avoiding typical goa-trance cliches of cosmic spaces or ethereal ambiences. The tracks are full of well-chosen sci-fi or spiritual voice samples, especially in intros & outros, that in themselves are like little gems: orchestral, atmospheric, dramatic, grand(iose) and cinematic. His unique touch is in particular present in: "Andromeda", that likely has the most memorable opening in recent history, "Kingdom of Heaven" that takes cue from Juno Reactors "Conga Fury", expanding the 3/4 drumming into full-on, psychedelic journey or "Thee Audissey Continues" that closes the CD in a real banging manner, building on a foundation of incredibly touching chord progressions, adding bits of acid / guitar riffs and hits hard, despite relatively slower tempo. The tracks in the middle are more focused on single idea and are more typical full-on affairs, but there's enough variety and uniqueness to them to sound positively different.

If I were to complain about anything, I'd say that some of those songs would have been better if they were shorter, more condensed and focused. A lot of it sounds like a bunch of awesome ideas and terrific sounds that fail to truly connect to each other, to coexist in any meaningful way, to achieve their full potential because they're spread thin over time and separated by periods of "empty" spaces. As such, there's little tension there - it's all pretty even-levelled, pretty flat.

Still, albeit not perfect this is an awesome album - full of great, touching and hypnotic psychedelic trance music. If this is mini LP then I just can't wait for the full thing! :)

5/5 (it's more like 4.5/5, but I don't believe in 0.5 ratings and I thought 4/5 is a bit unfair as I'm liking it more with each listen).