Undinism ‎– We Are Retarded

Cassette, Album, Compilation

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Demo #1
A1 Fall To Our Knees
A2 David Koresh Cult Song
A3 Deceased Pig Felcher
A4 Senile Dementia
A5 Rapist Die
A6 Glam Rock
A7 Educated Scum
A8 Just Sit
A9 T.V. Stars
A10 Born Of The Bomb
A11 Freaks Of Nature
Demo #2 ~ Dead Girls Don't Say No
A12 Nympho Gimp
A13 Nympho Gimp
A14 Ruptured Slut
A15 Down Syndrome Rape
A16 Bleeding Cock Stump
A17 Omitose
Split Tape With Squash Bowels
A18 Intro By Cosmic Commander!
A19 Pleasure From Piss
A20 Molest A Retard
A21 Nympho Gimp
A22 Deceased Pig Felcher
A23 Bleeding Cock Stump
A24 Bones Of Chalk
A25 Pimping Paraplegic Prostitutes
A26 Ruptured Slut
A27 Terry
A28 Cum Soaked Foetus
A29 Used Your Sister's Pubes As Dental Floss
A30 Kill Gays
A31 Born Of The Bomb
A32 Pseudo Youth
Written-By – Napalm Death
A33 My Tongue Is Your Tampon
A34 Liquid Blisters
A35 Arsehair Toupé
B1 Teenage Girls Addicted To Penis
B2 David Koresh Cult Song
B3 M.S. Rape-A-Thon
B4 Shit Porno Whore
B5 Vomitose
B6 Fart Filled Asthma Pump
B7 Severed Cock Med
B8 Down Syndrome Rape
Frigid Test 7" (Unreleased 7")
B9 Arsehair Toupé
B10 Pimping Paraplegic Prostitutes
B11 My Tongue Is Your Tampon
B12 Bones Of Chalk
B13 Nympho Gimp
B14 Liquid Blisters
B15 Born Of The Bomb
B16 David Koresh Cult Song
B17 Down Syndrome Rape
B18 Severed Cock Med
B19 Kill Gays
B20 M.S. Rape-A-Thon
B21 Deceased Pig Felcher
B22 Terry
Split 7" With Gonkulator
B23 Bleeding Cock Stump
B24 Cum Soaked Foetus
B25 Molest A Retard
B26 Shit Porno Whore
B27 Vomitose
B28 Ruptured Slut
Split 7" With Dahmer
B29 Severed Cock Med
B30 Kill Gays
B31 Liquid Blister
B32 Bleeding Cock Stump
B33 Pseudo Youth
Written-By – Napalm Death
B34 Arsehair Toupé
B35 M.S. Rape-A-Thon