Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect ‎– For The Sect

Perverse Homage ‎– 006
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition


For The Sect I
Satanic Elite
A1 Vampyric Sodomy
A2 Bastard Demon
Wolven Comfort
A3 War Ov Underlings
A4 Vampyric Rites
A5 Honor Relinquished
Split Tracks
A6 Bindless Creatures
A7 Vampyric Descent
A Sea Ov Blood Beneath Iron Wings
B1 Tombs Ov The Netherfields
B2 Vampyric Abyss
B3 Sleeper In The Shrine Ov Eden
B4 Wings Ov The Dark Keeper
B5 From Forth The Loins Ov Foul Angels
B6 The Tormented Wolf Strikes Fierce
For The Sect II
Desecrating The Apostle's Skull
C1 Vampyric Sin
C2 Luciferian Pride
C3 A Death Shall Come For Thee (Christian Scum)
C4 Hammer Ov Supreme And Righteous Hatred
C5 Vampyric Sodomy (Rehearsal)
C6 Untitled (Rehearsal)
Live 8/28/2016
D1 Hell Flesh Resigned To Sodomy
D2 Corpse Of Angel Submerged In Inferior Blood
D3 A Beast Of Ebon Blood
D4 Blessed By A Black Sun
D5 Thy Wings Keep My Shade, Thy Strengths Grant Me Hate


Limited to 30 copies.

Two cassettes housed with single-sided, photocopied, black-and-white J-cards in individual soft snapcases. Packaged with a double-sided, black-and-white cover and two folded, single-sided, 8.5x11" inserts on heavyweight red paper in a resealable plastic bag.

Tracks A1 and A2 were originally released as the Satanic Elite cassette.
Tracks A3 to A5 were originally released as the Wolven Comfort cassette.
Tracks A6 and A7 were originally released on the split cassette with Orgy Of Carrion.
Tracks B1 to B5 were originally released as the A Sea Ov Blood Beneath Ebon Wings cassette.
Tracks C1 to C6 were originally released as the Desecrating The Apostle's Skull cassette.
Tracks D1 to D5 are a previously unreleased recording of a live set recorded In Brooklyn, NY on the evening of August 28, 2016.