Union Jack ‎– Pylon Pigs

Platipus ‎– PLATCD220
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1 Papillon 7:49
2 Submerge 7:03
3 Triclops 6:52
4 Longhorn 7:11
5 Mainlining 6:52
6 Blink 6:30
7 Lifeblood 2:13
8 Vowel 6:03
9 The Dark Major 6:16
10 Funnelweb 6:54

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Published by Pineapple Music Ltd./Seismic Music.

Distribution by Music Response.

(P) & (C) 2009 Platipus Records Ltd.

Limited Edition of this CD was signed by Simon Berry and Paul Brogden on the front of the CD case.

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  • Barcode: 6 98349 32202 2


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June 5, 2016
I am so BUMMED that this release isn't launched on vinyl... Damn... such good music on CD only... really don't understand it...


December 11, 2009
YES THEY'RE BACK!!! I don't think many people were expecting Union Jack to make a comeback and yet they did... well, kindof, cause the original group was made up of Claudio Giussani & Simon Berry, this time Giussani left and Paul Brogden took his place. But still, the old "Platipus sound" is pretty much there, FINALLY some artists that understood that if fans are crying for a legendary group comeback, they also want the legendary sound back, not just having an old name doing something new.

The album opener is Papillon, which brings back a LOT of memories: that oldschool Union Jack sound that everyone missed with the looped 303s, filtered voice samples that are used more as an instrument than as a voice, the slooooow progression and buildup, and even that odd bit that sounds a bit corny at first but then gradually starts making sense, it's all in there! My only regret is that there is no "singing" 303 lines, making the overall result sound a bit less "soulfull" than older stuff. Still, compared to most comebacks by legendary artists, this is the best result to date :)

Submerge up next, which is a (very) downtempo track, which stikes me as too new-ageish and overall boring, especially when compared to the opening track. NEXT!

Triclops comes after that, adding some livelyhood, although I don't really like this one. I guess it was their attempt to make a more modern sound, thus 303s are almost absent. Moreover, that main melody is a bit annoying to my ears so usually I skip this one as well.

Ahh luckily Longhorn is up next with some more of the oldschool sound. Just like Papillon, all those old elements are there, minus the "singing" 303s, still this is the track I like most here. I find this will get MANY spins in my CD player in the follwing months :)

Mainlining is again a downtempo track, which plays as some sort of musical journey on a steam train. The idea is original but still, there are too much new-ageish candy-coated melodies in there, which IMO are a bit annoying.

Blink is up next, a more modern progressive track, which kindof continues the "steam train" feeling from Mainlining, but which I also find a bit empty and unispired.

Lifeblood is a sort of interlude (hey it's been a while since I haven't heard interludes in an album ;) ). It's some dark atmospheric ambient, definately something you would NOT expect from the group, but interesting nonetheless :)

Then Vowel comes up next, with more oldschool 303 loops, and also some jazzy progression, not unlike some goatrance from the late 90s. Some interesting typically sloooow buildups in there, although IMO this could've been much better.

The Dark Major is some more uptempo ambient, with a bit of bossa-nova feeling. Yep, The Girl From Ipanema came to my mind while listening to this... again, not really the kind of stuff you'd expect coming from these guys. Still, after some more listens it kindof starts making sense.

The closer is Funnelweb which is a nice blend of the old Union Jack sound, more modern progressive trance as well as some VERY old electronic music from the 80s sounds (Kraftwerk anyone? ;) ). Again, like with most of their stuff, you have to give it a few listens before getting this...

THE GOOD: The Platipus sound lives again!! Every nostalgic of that mid-90s era will surely have tears in their eyes when listening some tracks here.

THE BAD: I would've done without the downtempo tracks, they come off as weak and uninspired compared with the other tracks here.

CONCLUSION: OK, this album isn't perfect, I'm sure that purists will frown when listening to some new directions that these artists have taken, and, even though this is the best effort to date by any oldschool artist to keep their old sound, I still couldn't shake off the feeling that something was still missing (I guess that was Giussani's influence). Still, overall I quite like this album and I find is MUCH better than most new releases out there (even by oldschool legends).


September 22, 2009
What a welcome site this has been! The return of Union Jack with their new album, 'Pylon Pigs'. For those of you who have been longing for the return of that 'Platipus' sound (like me) reminiscent of the mid nineties then this will certainly not dissapoint you. However, it is 'updated' and of course it comes complete with divine intervention from Paul Brogden. This is an excellent return displaying all the usual trademarks that Simon and Paul are known and respected for. Beware though, this album will get some serious rotation in your stereo, so much so, I think I'm going to have to buy another copy or two just in case.