Unknown Artist ‎– Audio / Video Soundtrack Masters (The Music And Video Library For Audio & Video Production)

Passport Records ‎– PL 5025
Vinyl, LP


Tittle Themes
A1 Mighty Vistas
A2 Funk & Bop
A3 Awesome Nature
A4 Hot Night
A5 Sensuous
A6 Swing / Whistle
A7 Rockers
A8 Movement / Thrust
A9 Love Intrigue
A10 Detective
A11 Comedy Horror
A12 Breezy
Location / Establishments
A13 Ball Game
A14 On The Farm
A15 River Revival
A16 Can Can Crazy
A17 The Sailor
A18 Yankee Doodle
A19 France
A20 China
A21 Mexico
A22 Belly Dance
A23 The Heroine
A24 The Chase
A25 The Villain
A26 The Phantom
A27 Wedding March
A28 Calliope
Mood / Emotion
A29 Tension 0:23
A30 Action Movement 0:17
A31 Dramatic Curtain 0:10
A32 Danger 0:38
A33 Suspense 0:60
A34 Strut 0:30
A35 Baby Walk 0:30
A36 Jazz Smooth 0:30
A37 Shifty 0:30
A38 Wacked Out 0:24
Special Effects
B1 Time Warp
B2 Ice Gods
Gag Effects
B3.1 Fly-off
B3.2 Slide Whistle (3 Cuts)
B3.3 Police Whistle—Slow
B3.4 Police Whistle—Fast
B3.5 Ratchet (3 Cuts)
B3.6 Boinger (3 Cuts)
B3.7 Horns (3 Cuts)
B3.8 Birds (3 Cuts
B4 Morning
B5 Indians
B6 Drum Roll—A
B7 Drum Roll—B
B8 Space War
People Effects
B9.1 Bawdy Comic Laughter
B9.2 (Shorter Version Of Above)
B9.3 Reaction To Pun / Poor Taste
B9.4 Amazed Gasp
B9.5 Disappointed "Awww..."
B9.6 Crowd Reacts: "Who...?"
B9.7 Naughty Anticipation
B9.8 Panting, Excited: "Yeah, Yeah!"
B9.9 Rowdy Disapproval
B9.10 Crowd Mumbles, Quiets Down
B9.11 Applause: Mild, Courteous
B9.12 Applause: General
B9.13 Applause: Excited
B9.14 Applause: Cheering, Raving
B9.15 Group: "Me! Pick Me!"
B9.16 Group: "Yes, Yes," Then "No, No!"
B9.17 Arguments, Then Quieting Down
B9.18 Shock
B9.19 (Men) "Hubba Hubba!"
B9.20 (Girls) "Hubba Hubba!"
Sound Effects
Specialty Crowds
B10.1 Gregorian Monks Chanting
B10.2 Indian Chanting
B10.3 Crowd Milling (Background)
B10.4 Angry Crowd
B10.5 Girls Locker Room
B10.6 Boys Locker Room
Standard Sound Effects
B11.1 Telephone Ring / Answer
B11.2 Telephone Slammed Down
B11.3 Door Opening
B11.4 Door Slam Shut / Rattling
B11.5 Door Knock
B11.6 Door Pounding
B11.7 Footsteps Approach & Stop
B11.8 Footsteps Turn & Leave (Fade)
Background Effects
B12.1 Ocean / Surf 0:30
B12.2 Traffic 0:30
B12.3 Jungle 0:30
B12.4 Forest & Stream 0:30
B12.5 Outer Space (Fantasy Effect) 0:30
B12.6 Horror (Fantasy Effect) 0:30
B12.7 Thunderstorm / Wind 0:30
B12.8 Major Stadium Crowd 0:30
B12.9 War 0:30

Companies, etc.



Original Canadian pressing.

Printed on back cover:
Not For Broadcast
© ℗ 1983 Terry Moss Productions/L.A. Air Force
Distributed by/Distribué par A&M Records of Canada Limited, 939 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Ontario M1L 4C5

Printed on spine:
Shorewood logo
Litho in Canada

Printed on labels:
See Back Cover For Sequence
Not For Broadcast
℗&© Terry Moss Productions/L.A. Air Force
Distribué par/Distributed by: A&M Records of Canada Limited, 939 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Ontario M1L 4C5

Track durations are the only durations listed on the release.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (A-side etched, CR sᴛᴇʀʟɪɴɢ stamped): PL 5025 A CR(in circle) P̶̷B̶̷ ̶̷6̶̷0̶̷2̶̷8̶̷-̶̷A̶̷ sᴛᴇʀʟɪɴɢ
  • Matrix / Runout (B-side etched, CR stamped): P̶̷L̶̷-̶̷6̶̷0̶̷2̶̷8̶̷ -B PL 5025 B CR(in circle) PB -