Unknown Artist ‎– High Fidelity Demonstration Record

Pye Nixa ‎– WLP.5002
Vinyl, LP


A1 The Frequency Bands
A2 Highs (From The Last Movement Of Prokoviev's Scythian Suite)
A3 Lows (From The First Movement Of Gliere's Ilya Mourometz)
A4 Lows (From The Second Movement Of Gliere's Ilya Mourometz)
A5 Lows (From The First Movement Of Gliere's Ilya Mourometz)
A6 Lows (From The First Movement Of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2)
A7 Definition (From The Second Movement Of Resipighi's Fountains Of Rome)
A8 Percussion (From The Second Movement Of Beethoven's Symphony No.9)
A9 Percussion (From Marches)
B1 Trumpet (From The Opening Movement Of Mahler's Symphony No. 5)
B2 Woodwinds (From The Second Movement Of Strauss' Suite Op. 4)
B3 Strings (From Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 6)
B4 Strings (From The Romance Of Gliere's Red Poppy Suite)
B5 Strings (From Gypsy Songs)
B6 Piano (From Bach's Fantasia In A Minor)
B7 Piano (From Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 2)
B8 Harpsichord (From Scarlatti's Sonatas Vol III)
B9 Guitar (From Tanidos De Guitarras)


A Westminster recording.

Frequency tones in all audible ranges from 40 to 15,000 cps.
Music with controllable range from 30 to 15,000 cps.
Definition in loud passages without intermodulation.
Separate bands of sound of percussion, string, woodwind, and brass groups, piano, harpsichord and guitar.
Stroboscope for control of turntable speed.