No Artist ‎– Rings Of Uranus: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds

Brain/Mind Research ‎– 009
Cassette, Single Sided


A Rings Of Uranus


No cat# is present on the release, but the catalog info in the insert indicates it is #009 in a series of space recordings available on cassette or CD.

©℗ 1991 Brain/Mind Research

Selected notes from the insert:

"Although space is a virtual vacuum, this does not mean there is no sound. Sound exists as electromagnetic vibrations. The specially designed instruments aboard the space probes were designed to pick up and record electromagnetic vibrations. This information, when sent back to Earth and decoded, can be heard as intriguing and beautiful sounds from space. The real music of the spheres. The sounds you hear are from decoded information on interactions of the solar ionic wind, the planet's magnetosphere, plasma wave phenomena and interactions between the planet's ionosphere and magnetosphere. These vibration frequency recordings are all within the range of human hearing (20-20,000 cycles per second). These recordings have been specially processed, filtered, and spacially mastered in 3-D sound with frequencies for achieving deep states of relaxation."

"In order to achieve the best possible quality in audio reproduction, these tapes are processed on special high-end chrome tape, Coherence Technology™ for removing all extraneous noise, HX Pro for super high fidelity, 3-D sound processing using the BASE System™, and our own BMR Processing™."