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Record P-1
A1 Hail Jehovah's Kingdom!
A2 Shed Forth Light, O Zion!
A3 The King, Christ Jesus, Calls!
A4 Declare The Everlasting Good News
A5 Bless Our Meeting Together
A6 "Be Glad, You Nations"
A7 'Fear Them Not'!
B8 Living Up To Our Name
B9 Meeting God's Requirements
B10 "From House To House"
B11 Forward, You Witnesses!
B12 The Shulammite "Remnant"
B13 'Jehova Has Become King!'
Record P-2
C14 "Happy Are The Mild-Tempered"
C15 Love's Excelling Way
C16 God's Army Is Advancing!
C17 Be Strong In Faith
C18 Daily Walking With Jehova
C19 Our Paradise: Present And Future
D20 The Scriptures-Inspired And Beneficial
D21 'Jehovah, Our Strength And Your Might'
D22 Praise Jehovah, The Rock
D23 Responding To God's Love
D24 Making Jehovah's Heart Glad
D25 This Good News Of The Kingdom Let Us Preach!
Record P-3
E26 Be Steadfast Like Ruth!
E27 Theocracy's Increase
E28 Give Jehovah The Praise!
E29 Jehovah's Happy People!
E30 God's Great And Wondrous Works
E31 Appreciating God's Reminders
F32 Let The Light Shine!
F33 Bravely Press On!
F34 Happy The Merciful!
F35 Faith Like That Of Abraham
F36 Meeting In Unity
F37 The Power Of Kindness
F38 "Store Up Treasures In Heaven"
Record P-4
G39 Be Like Jeremiah!
G40 Good Cheer Amid Earth's Darkness
G41 "Jehovah Is My Shepherd"
G42 The Prayer Of God's Servant
G43 Gratitude For Divine Patience
G44 'Jehovah Is Our Refuge!'
H45 Cultivating The Fruit Of Love
H46 Hail Jehovah's Firstborn!
H47 "The Lord's Evening Meal"
H48 Jehovah's Lovley Place Of Worship
H49 The Divine Pattern Of Love
H50 Jehovah's Attributes
Record P-5
I51 Preach With Boldness!
I52 The Fruitage Of Goodness
I53 The Resurrection Joy
I54 Remember Ezra!
I55 Let's Watch How We Walk!
I56 Be Forgiving
J57 Sing Jehovah's Praise With Courage!
J58 Joyful Service
J59 'Then They Will Know'!
J60 "As For Me And My Household"
J61 God's Loyal Love
J62 We Are Jehovah's Witnesses!
Record P-6
K63 Move Ahead!
K64 Myriads Of Brothers
K65 Displaying Loyalty
K66 Now Is The Time!
K67 Our Possession Of Peace
K68 Sowing Kingdom Seed
K69 "It Is Impossible For God To Lie"
L70 Guard Your Heart!
L71 O Walk With God!
L72 Jehovah, Our Place Of Dwelling
L73 Worship Jehovah During Youth!
L74 Listen To The News Of The Kingdom!
L75 The Fruit Of Self-Control
Record P-7
M76 Take Sides With Jehovah!
M77 Waiting On Jehova
M78 We Must Have Faith!
M79 Pay Back God's Things To God!
M80 Flee To God's Kingdom!
M81 Praise Jah With Me!
M82 Appreciation Of God's Compassions
N83 The Bread From Heaven
N84 Recognizing Earth's New King
N85 Our Christian Unity
N86 The Marriage Of The Lamb
N87 Throw Your Burden On Jehovah!
N88 Walking In Integrity
Record P-8
O89 "Preach The Word"!
O90 See Jehovah's Army!
O91 Contending For The Faith
O92 Keep On Seeking First The Kingdom!
O93 All Things Made New!
O94 The Fruitage Of The Spirit
P95 Let God Be Found True!
P96 Get Out Of Babylon The Great!
P97 "Balsam In Gilead"
P98 The Ressurection-God's Loving Provision
P99 Not Neglecting "The House Of Our God"
P100 God's Own Book-A Treasure
Record P-9
Q101 Our Godly Joy
Q102 Worshiping On The 'Mountain Of God's House'
Q103 Preach "THis Good News Of The Kingdom"!
Q104 The Heavens Declare God's Glory
Q105 This Is Jehovah's Day!
Q106 "Take My Yoke"!
R107 An Evening Song To Jehovah
R108 Proof Of Discipleship
R109 "Here I Am! Send Me"
R110 We Thank You, Jehovah!
R111 "Rejoice In The Hope Ahead"
R112 To Whom Do We Belong?
Record P-10
S113 Pouring Out Seven Last Plagues
S114 Awaken, O Zion!
S115 Be Long-Suffering!
S116 Christian Warriors
S117 Extending Mercy To Others
S118 Christ Our Exemplar
S119 Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!
T4 Declare The Everlasting Good News!
Performer – The Bethel Family
T10 "From House To House"
Performer – The Bethel Family
T12 The Shulammit "Remnant"
Performer – The Bethel Family
T61 God's Loyal Love
Performer – The Bethel Family
T64 Myriads Of Brothers
Performer – The Bethel Family
T105 This Is Jehovah's Day!
Performer – The Bethel Family

Companies, etc.


The releases were pressed by Columbia, but distributed by the Watchtower Society.

From Wikipedia: "Singing and Accompanying Yourselves with Music in Your Hearts was released in 1966, with 119 songs. Melodies identified as not having been written by Jehovah's Witnesses were replaced with new songs. For the first time, a policy was adopted of including only material written and composed by Jehovah's Witnesses, though some songs composed by non-Witnesses were unwittingly included."


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