Unknown Artist ‎– Tell The Story, Forest! Revolutionary Opera. Prologue - Act 4, Scene 2 - Finale (Volume 3)

Vinyl, LP, Volume 3


Scene 2
A1 Pangchang - Many Japanese Troops Arrived Here
A2 Song of "punitive force" commander - Today Another Regiment Arrived
A3 Yong Tak's song - Please Save Me, Commander
A4 Song Myong Sik's song - Splendid, My Son!
A5 Pangchang - What to Do Now?
A6 Japanese soldier's song - Where Is Hongsan-gol?
A7 Choe Byong Hun's song and pangchang - The Only Way to Get to Hongsan-gol Is through the Sky
A8 Pangchang - There Is No Easy in Revolutionary Struggle
Act V Scene 1
A9 Pangchang and Bok Sun's song - My Sadness Grows as the Night Wears On
A10 Pangchang and Choe Byong Hun's song - I am Parting with Her Tonight
A11 Bok sun, Choe Byong Hun's song and pangchang - The Organization's Secret's Are the Lifeblood of Revolution
Continued from Scene 1, Act V
B1 Duet and pangchang - It Is Glorious to Live or Die on the Revolutionary Road
Scene 2
B2 Orchestra, "punitive force" commander and Japanese soldiers's song
B3 Choe Byong Hun's song I'm Sure It Is Hongsan-gol
B4 Pangchang I'll Sing the Signal of Attack
B5 Choe Byong Hun's song Arirang
B6 Pangchang - Revolutionary Fighter, Fallen in the Forest
B7 Chorus and dance - Song of Decisive Battle
B8 Duet and grand chorus - Tell the Glory and Joy Forever