Unknown Artist ‎– The Bible In Living Sound: Book 1

Sentinel Records (2) ‎– S 1001 through S 1010
10 × Vinyl, LP


The Story Of Creation Week: Part 1
A1.1 In The Beginning 6:00
A1.2 Second And Third Day Of Creation 7:05
A1.3 Fourth And Fifth Day Of Creation 6:45
The Story Of Creation Week: Part 2
B1.4 Land Animals Created 7:40
B1.5 Adam Created 7:44
B1.6 Adam's Companion 5:45
The Story Of Adam And Eve: Part 1
A2.7 Eve Is Tempted 7:56
A2.8 Adam Accepts Forbidden Fruit 5:45
A2.9 Driven From The Garden 7:43
The Story Of Adam And Even: Part 2
B2.10 The Promise Of Salvation 8:00
B2.11 Cain And Abel 7:40
B2.12 Enoch And Methuselah 6:40
Noah And The Flood: Part 1
A3.13 Noah Builds An Ark 8:13
A3.14 The Animals Walk In 7:12
A3.15 Noah's Final Invitation 6:44
Noah And The Flood: Part 2
B3.16 The Flood 5:42
B3.17 On Mount Ararat 6:33
B3.18 The Tower Of Babel 6:26
Abraham And Isaac: Part 1
A4.19 The Boy Abram 5:36
A4.20 Abraham Leaves For Canaan 6:45
A4.21 The Caravan Of Haran 6:17
Abraham And Isaac: Part 2
B4.22 Famine In Canaan 8:10
B4.23 Abraham And Lot Divide Land 4:55
B4.24 Abraham Rescues Lot 5:19
Abraham And Isaac: Part 3
A5.25 Children Like The Stars 8:10
A5.26 Sodom And Gomorrah Destroyed 11:32
A5.27 Hagar And Ishmael 6:23
Abraham And Isaac: Part 4
B5.28 Abraham Offers Isaac 7:09
B5.29 Rebekah Chosen As Isaac's Wife 7:30
B5.30 Isaac A True Friend 4:43
The Story Of Jacob And Esau: Part 1
A6.31 Esau's Birthright Sold 8:05
A6.32 Jacob Leaves Home 6:00
A6.33 Jacob's Ladder 10:07
The Story Of Jacob And Esau
B6.34 Jacob Works For A Wife 8:20
B6.35 Jacob Wrestles With An Angel 4:40
B6.36 Jacob And Esau Make Peace 7:55
The Story Of Joseph: Part 1
A7.37 Joseph The Favorite Son 5:57
A7.38 Joseph And His Dreams 5:29
A7.39 Joseph Sold Into Egypt 5:58
The Story Of Joseph: Part 2
B7.40 Joseph Unjustly Accused 5:47
B7.41 Joseph In Prison 5:58
B7.42 Joseph Called Before Pharaoh 5:17
The Story Of Joseph: Part 3
A8.43 Joseph's Brothers Come To Egypt 5:25
A8.44 Joseph Sends For Benjamin 6:01
A8.45 Joseph Makes Himself Known 5:49
The Story Of Joseph: Part 4
B8.46 Jacob Comes To Live In Egypt 5:56
B8.47 Jacob Foretells Return To Canaan 5:48
B8.48 Jacob Loyal To God And Family 5:23
The Story Of Moses' Childhood
A9.49 Israel Opressed 6:12
A9.50 Moses Hidden By Mother 6:03
A9.51 Moses Trained As A Prince 6:18
Moses Selected To Lead Israel
B9.52 Moses Flees For His Life 6:08
B9.53 Moses At The Burning Bush 6:20
B9.54 God's Seven Promises 5:35
The Story Of The Exodus: Part 1
A10.55 Frogs In The Land 6:18
A10.56 Darkness Over Egypt 7:28
A10.57 The Passover 5:42
The Story Of The Exodus: Part 2
B10.58 On The Way To Freedom 6:38
B10.59 Israel Goes Through The Red Sea 6:06
B10.60 The Egyptians Army Destroyed 5:40


other pressings include Cat # starting with 6 instead of 1, ie. 6001-6010.