Unknown Artist ‎– The Production Master! Production Music - Adult Contemporary

Vinyl, LP


A1 Mr. America Goes To Work 1:00
A2 Mr. America Goes To Work 0:30
A3 Route 88 1:00
A4 Route 88 0:30
A5 Secret Aging Man 1:00
A6 Don't Sleep In The Bathtub, Darlin' 1:00
A7 You Are The Rainbow Of My Life 1:00
A8 Shufflin' Down The Street 1:00
A9 Shufflin' Down The Street 0:30
A10 Spendin' The Day Together 1:00
A11 Not Usual 1:00
A12 Not Usual 0:30
A13 Cop Show 1:00
A14 Short Cop Show 0:30
A15 Lazy Do-Dits 1:00
B1 Peace Bus 1:00
B2 Peace Bus 0:30
B3 Coffee With Marge 1:00
B4 Coffee With Marge 0:30
B5 Spanky's Sunday 1:00
B6 Sports Theme 1:00
B7 Sports Theme 0:30
B8 In A Gotta Da Funk 1:00
B9 In A Gotta Da Funk 0:30
B10 Bankin' All The Way 1:00
B11 It's Only The Begonias 1:00
B12 Walkin' In Autumn 1:00
B13 Let's Start All Over Again 1:00
B14 Let's Start All Over Again 0:30
B15 Gently Mine 1:00