Unknown Artist ‎– The Production Master! The Electric Voice

Vinyl, LP


A1 Nobody Does It Better
A2 Where Little Things Mean A Lot
A3 Where The Price Is Always Right
A4 The Home Of Quality
A5 Where Service Is Special
A6 The Main Man
A7 Setting The Price Pace For Savings
A8 More Than Just A Drug Store
A9 Where Pleasin' People Is Our Business
A10 Where The Customer Is Always Right
A11 Kinda Old Fashioned
A12 The Store For Specials
A13 Where We Treat You Like A Cadillac Owner
A14 First Class All The Way
A15 Outstanding And They Are Wild
B1 Check It Out!
B2 Proven Best By Test
B3 Certified Savings, Guaranteed Always
B4 Growing To Keep Pace With You
B5 That's Easy To Remember
B6 Imitated But Never Duplicated
B7 Where It's Fun To Shop
B8 The Standard Of Quality
B9 You Can Rely On Us
B10 Seeing Is Believing
B11 Where Your Credit Is Always Good
B12 The Problem Solvers
B13 Gifts Of Distinction
B14 Yours For Better Living
B15 The Authority


Nate: Unannounced raw electronic tracks follow each logo line for use in copy or announcer changes.