Unknown Artist ‎– Women Vs. The System Or The Games Men Play

Not On Label ‎– DRC-13074
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album


Promotional Castaways
A1 How Would Frank Feel?
A2 Don't Give Anyone Ideas
A3 She's Just A Woman
Business Sexology
A4 You Know How Women Are
A5 Male Perrogative
A6 The Doxy Assignment
A7 I Like The Tall Leggy Type
Inferiority Reflexes
B1 Does The Offer Still Hold?
B2 Who Takes The Minutes?
B3 I've Never Worked For A woman
B4 Appointment With Mr. Black
Surrogate Homemakers
B5 Coffee, Anyone?
B6 Convention Service
The Chivalry Gambit
B7 Not A Nice Place For A Woman
B8 Oh, A Credit Card. Okey!
The Rip-Off Game Plan
C1 Do A Favor For A Pal?
C2 A Gentleman's Agreement
C3 Downed On He Way Up
C4 The Male Mortgage
C5 Nominations Are Closed
C6 Pre-Programmed Volunteer
On The Home Front
D1 You Can Eat Off The Floor
D2 It's Different For Me
D3 Expectations: Sons Vs. Daughters
D4 Career-Wife: 48-Hour Day
D5 Admit I'm Just A Housewife?
D6 You Represent Me!


Produced by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith in cooperation with Woman's National Book Association New York Chapter.
The title listed for C3 appears to have a typo.