Uteromoniasis / Proctalgia ‎– Split Tape

Cassette, Limited Edition

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A1 Uteromoniasis Electropulsing After-Vomit II
A2 Uteromoniasis Ascaridectomy
A3 Uteromoniasis Mindvirus
A4 Uteromoniasis Fly Halo
A5 Uteromoniasis Wormdrain
A6 Uteromoniasis Bacterial Swarm
A7 Uteromoniasis Larval Implant
A8 Uteromoniasis Scrolex Upgrade
A9 Uteromoniasis Tricho-Mech
A10 Uteromoniasis Invasion Of The Reproductive System
A11 Uteromoniasis Parasitic Fertilization
B1 Proctalgia Desquamation Of Infant Butcheed Bodies
B2 Proctalgia Cadaveric Ingurgitation Of A External Genital Organs And Brutally Cut The Labium Up To The Abdomen And Remove All Bowels
B3 Proctalgia Disposition To A Particular Disease
B4 Proctalgia Under The Chainsaw (FOG Cover)
Written-By – Fear Of God
B5 Proctalgia Scattered Bowels, Lacerated Rectum
B6 Proctalgia Drastic Secretion On Oral Cancer
B7 Proctalgia Self Amputee I
B8 Proctalgia Dysorexia Pertainning Into Blood Vomiting
B9 Proctalgia Locked Away (FOG Cover)
Written-By – Fear Of God
B10 Proctalgia Eclampsia Severe Toxaemia Sadistic Pregnancy
B11 Proctalgia Pustular Skindisease With Ectoparasite
B12 Proctalgia Geniticaly Sewage Syndrome Effervescent Expulsion Of Gastric Acid
B13 Proctalgia Blade Thru Mouth
B14 Proctalgia Bloody Pit Of Crakwhore
B15 Proctalgia Cutting Of A Piece Of The Edge
B16 Proctalgia Money For Nobheads (Sorethroat Cover)
Written-By – Sore Throat
B17 Proctalgia Self Amputee II
B18 Proctalgia Destruction Of The Cerebral
B19 Proctalgia Esophafeal Dysphagia Hypertensive Lower Esophageal Sphincter
B20 Proctalgia Exploitation In The Altar Of Gore
B21 Proctalgia Post Operative Organs Of Dogs Switch Organs Of Human
B22 Proctalgia Rabis Epidemia
B23 Proctalgia Dismembered As I Cum
B24 Proctalgia Tounge Pulled Out, Gouged Eyes, Hammer Nose With Nails And Drilled Ears
B25 Proctalgia Well Eatenby Volture And Feast By Flies
B26 Proctalgia Vorarephilia Self Mutilating Arousal Eating Itself Apart
B27 Proctalgia Separate The Head From The Body


  • Guitar, Drum ProgrammingJumel (tracks: B1 to B27)
  • Performer [Anthelminthic Reflux, Toxic Sludge Injections, Tendons]Styv (tracks: A1 to A11)
  • Performer [Electrokinetic Pulse & Synthetic Engineering]Embryo (9) (tracks: A1 to A11)
  • Vocals [Vomit]Jan* (tracks: B1 to B27)


Recorded 8/09
A7, A8 -Recorded 1/09
A9 -Recorded 12/08
A10, A11 -Recorded 11/08

All traxxx are murdered and disemboweled on March/June 2009.
Mixed at Decapiteted Frogs Studio.
Except for tacks B4, B9, B16 hacked from Fear Of God and Sore Throat.