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1 Clandestine Lab 1:45
2 ROBOROR 4:57
3 Unleashed In The Dark 5:31
4 Hide And Seek 2:39
5 Dark Power 5:23
6 Spilled Blood 3:14
7 Tunel 4:11


  • Arranged By, Artwork By, Composed By, Concept By, Mixed By, Recorded ByVHS Glitch
  • Mastered ByVolkor X


After our first attack on the general population, the corpses of rebels intent on destroying our plans had begun to pile up.

We had several meetings in order to find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible, until the group of maniacal scientists came to our clandestine lab to propose us a project that, at first, sounded very promising.

The HF-R0B project had its roots in the WWII, when they tried to create a super soldier, but wartime metal and oil shortages made it necessary to find another way. The concept, a robot made of human parts and fueled by blood, was a natural progression in the economical climate.

Cost was of no consequence. We saw too much value in using this supersoldier hybrid robot for our own purposes. Everything sounded like the perfect plan. There would be no more corpses to hide as we continued our quest for domination, and with a new toy, we could finally carry out our plans for mass destruction…

Until we received a call...

Lack of experience and proper testing channels resulted in a deadly mistake. While trying to program the hybrid to carry out our whims, they lost control of the beast. It wreaked destruction on the laboratory and killed every one of the 20 soldiers we’d left there.

That was only the beginning of this nightmare. Much more blood is going to be spilled...