Valley Of The Giants ‎– Valley Of The Giants

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1 Claudia & Klaus 5:49
2 Westworld 6:26
3 Cantara Sin Guitara 8:05
4 Beyond The Valley 9:59
5 Waiting To Catch A Bullett 10:00
6 Whaling Tale 8:57
7 Back To God's Country 9:16
8 Bala Bay Inn 7:00


<font size="1">Lanark Highlands, Onario. An old cedar farmhouse with a brand new 4-track. It was the dead of winter. Outside the window a black goat with devil horns stared up from the blinding snow. Ivan calls those four green walls at the top of the stairs the 'happy room'. It was where the songs were born. A dream of a white griffin appeared suggesting the fuzzy music be turned into an album. Sophie and I talked about recording for years. Brendan and I talked about recording for years. Raul insisted we not overkill the preparation. We had one rehearsal, and all five musicians including Charlie fresh off the train, met for the first time in the studio. Deirdre and Scott just bought the Micheal Crichton film Westworld. We sat back on the couch watching Yul Brynner all in black, with lifeless eyes and jingling spurs strutting across the mechanized psycho-desert landscape. Deirdre pulled out a pen and began to write lyrics based on the lonely murderous robot cowboy. There you have it. - <i>Anthony</i></font>