Van Halen ‎– That's All Folks

The Atomic Punks ‎– none
2 × CDr, Unofficial Release


(*) indicates "remixed in 1977" versions of the demos. They sound somewhat cleaner and are from a better generation source then the original demos. •This is a professionally done CD-R with silk-screened art on the discs, no sticky labels.
•The track listings presented on the back cover differ slightly from those above. The listing above is correct for what is on the discs.
•The quality of the 25 song demos is the same as those tracks on the bootleg disc called, "Blueprint".
•Tracks 5-8 on Disc 2 are from an old KMET radio interview that has shown up in various forms on some older bootlegs and includes Dave doing the intro to the "Full Bug" on acoustic guitar and changing around a bit to make it an advertisement for KMET. These particular tracks are excellent quality.
•Tracks 7 & 8 on Disc 2 are an interview with Lisa Robinson that includes Eddie doing the Elephant, Horse and Mouse sounds on guitar.
•Track 12 on Disc 2 is King Crimson's "Discipline", not Van Halen!
•Track 13 on Disc 2 (Let Me Swim In Your Ocean 5/30/76) is a cover of the Cactus song, "Let Me Swim" from May 29, 1976.
•Track 18 on Disc 2 is a poor sounding soundboard recording from the Jacksons' Texas show in 1984 which Eddie played "Beat It" live with the band.
•Tracks 19-21 on Disc 2 are from a radio interview where a caller claims he has a tape he recorded from Van Halen in 1975 while doing sound for the other band on the bill called "Air Castle" and has "Superstitious" and a small part of "La Grange".
•Also included are songs straight off of their respective CDs. Including Nicollette Larson's "Get Away From You" that Eddie played on in 1978 and all 3 tracks from the Brian May "Star Fleet" LP (CD versions used).
•One bad thing about this set is the inclusion of a few dubious tracks (11,14,17 and 22 on Disc 2) from "Eddie solo in his studio" that are fakes done by a guitar instructor and appeared on the "Guitar Man" bootleg a few years back.
•Even though "Feel Your Love Tonight" is listed on the cover art for Disc 2, it is not on the set. Also, If you look closely on the songlist for Disc 2, there is no Track #16 listed!
•Cover mimics the old "That's All Folks!" cartoon ending, except it has Dave and Edward in the center, and "Van Halen" across the top.
•Rear artwork contains the extensive set list atop of a cartoon scene containing the Tasmanian Devil, Road Runner, Daffy Duck, and Yosemite Sam. Each of the cartoon characters has been assigned to one of the Van Halen band members.
•The under-tray artwork shows a black and white shot of Edward on stage, black and white striped guitar in hand, drums in the background.
•The inside of the booklet includes several shots of the band, individually and in the studio. It also contains a shot of the house that the Van Halen's grew up in, in Pasadena, and a year book photo of Edward.
•The back of the booklet contains 4 shots, one each of the band members. A small Warner Bros. logo is in the center.
•An insert on white paper contains three separate items. An introduction to what this set contains, Media Information on the band from 1977, and an interview with Dave Roth by Raw Power - this interview in one of the earliest known interviews.
•The discs are all black except where there is no black, allowing the gold of the media to show through, to form the words on them. They both say, "The WB 25 The Real Thing".