Vangelis & Various ‎– Blade Runner - Esper 'Retirement' Edition (25th Anniversary Culmination)

Esper Productions ‎– none
5 × CDr, Compilation, Limited Edition, Partially Mixed, Unofficial Release
DVDr, Compilation, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release

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The Score (Part 1)
CD1-1 Vangelis Prologue And Main Titles
CD1-2 Vangelis Leon's Voight Kampff Test / Sushi Bar
CD1-3 Vangelis Damask Rose
CD1-4 Vangelis Spinner Ascent (Los Angeles November 2019)
CD1-5 Vangelis Blush Response
CD1-6 Vangelis Wait For Me
CD1-7 Vangelis Deckard Meets Rachel
CD1-8 Vangelis Rachel's Voight Kampff Test
CD1-9 Vangelis Rachel's Song
CD1-10 Gail Laughton Tales Of The Future (On The Trail Of Nexus 6)
CD1-11 Vangelis Bicycle Riders (Harps Of The Ancient Temples Edit)
CD1-12 Vangelis Chew's Eye Lab
CD1-13 Vangelis Memories Of Green
CD1-14 Vangelis Blade Runner Blues (Full Length Version)
CD1-15 Vangelis Pris Meets J.F. Sebastian
CD1-16 Vangelis One More Kiss, Dear
The Score (Part 2)
CD2-1 Vangelis Deckard's Dream (Extended Version)
CD2-2 Vangelis Thinking Of Rachel (Love Theme Different Take)
CD2-3 Vangelis Esper Analysis
CD2-4 Vangelis Animoid Row Part I (Tales Of The Future Early Demo)
CD2-5 Vangelis Animoid Row Part II
CD2-6 Vangelis Taffey Lewis Night Club
CD2-7 Vangelis Salome's Dance
CD2-8 Vangelis Zhora's Retirement (Blade Runner Blues Reprise)
CD2-9 Vangelis I Am The Business (Extended)
CD2-10 Vangelis Love Theme
CD2-11 Vangelis I Dreamt Music (Extended)
CD2-12 Vangelis Morning At The Bradbury
CD2-13 Vangelis J.F. Sebastian's Apartment
CD2-14 Vangelis The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Prelude)
CD2-15 Vangelis The Prodigal Son Brings Death
CD2-16 Vangelis Deckard Enters The Bradbury
CD2-17 Vangelis Dangerous Days
CD2-18 Vangelis Wounded Animals
CD2-19 Vangelis Tears In Rain (Time To Die Edit)
CD2-20 Vangelis Rachel Sleeps
CD2-21 Vangelis End Titles (Full Length Version)
Los Angeles November 2019
CD3-1 Westwood Studios Los Angeles - November 2019
CD3-2 Frank Klepacki Third Sector - China Town
CD3-3 Meero Fourth Sector - Downtown
CD3-4 Westwood Studios Nineteenth Sector - Police Headquarters
CD3-5 Westwood Studios Twenty-Fifth Sector - Tyrell Corporation
CD3-6 Vangelis Seventh Sector - Apartment 9732
CD3-7 Vangelis Ninth Sector - Urban Blues
CD3-8 Frank Klepacki Fifth Sector - Animoid Row
CD3-9 Gail Laughton Second Sector - DNA Row
CD3-10 Vangelis Seventh Sector - Apartment 9732 (Reprise)
CD3-11 Vangelis Eighth Sector - Nocturnal Rain
CD3-12 Vangelis Tenth Sector - The Bradbury Building
City Streets Suite & Extras
CD4-1 Vangelis & Various City Streets Suite
Unused Music Suite
CD4-2 Vangelis Longing/Empty Streets
CD4-3 Vangelis One Alone
CD4-4 Vangelis Mechanical Dolls
Bonus Material
CD4-5 Vangelis Tears In Rain (Instrumental)
CD4-6 Gail Laughton Pompeii 76 A.D.
CD4-7 Brian Eno & David Byrne Qu Ran
CD4-8 The Ink Spots If I Didn't Care
CD4-9 Ensemble Nipponia Ogi No Mato
Esper Interpretations DJ Mix
CD5-1 Cosmic Baby L.A. 2018 (Esper Suite)
CD5-2 The Future Sound Of London My Kingdom (Esper Suite)
CD5-3 Dillinja The Angels Fell
CD5-4 T-Power* The Man Machine
CD5-5 Jonny L More Life
CD5-6 Dom & Roland Through The Looking Glass
CD5-7 Dom & Roland Deckers Theme
CD5-8 Kid Loops Rachel's Memory
CD5-9 Cosmic Baby L.A. 2018 (Jonathan Lisle Edit)
Remix – Jonathan Lisle
DVD-Rom: MP3/WAV Disc
DVD-1 Android (2) Waves
DVD-2 B-Born Blade Runner
DVD-3 BT Satellite
DVD-4 Unknown Artist Love Theme From Blade Runner
DVD-5 Unknown Artist Blade Runner
DVD-6 Cosmic Baby A Tribute To Blade Runner (Dance Title 1)
DVD-7 Cosmic Baby A Tribute To Blade Runner (Dance Title 2)
DVD-8 Cosmic Baby A Tribute To Blade Runner (Radio Edit)
DVD-9 Cosmic Baby versus Front 242 Bladerunner Meets Headhunter
DVD-10 Darkside Full Circle (Black Ice Remix)
DVD-11 Diary Of Dreams Bladerunner 2001 (Director's Cut Remix By Adrian Hates)
Remix – Adrian Hates
DVD-12 Dom & Roland Mechanics
DVD-13 Dylan Cramer Love Theme From Blade Runner
DVD-14 E.F.O.* Nexus 6 (Club Mix)
DVD-15 Effective Force Introduction/Illuminate The Planet
DVD-16 Eskimos & Egypt Welcome To The Future
DVD-17 Fausto Papetti Love Theme From Blade Runner
DVD-18 Felix Laband Whistling In Tongues
DVD-19 France Copland Rutgerhauersong
DVD-20 Free The Spirit Love Theme From Blade Runner
DVD-21 Fridge* Paradise (DJ Tom Stevens Remix)
Remix – DJ Tom Stevens
DVD-22 Fridge* Paradise (Gate To Heaven)
DVD-23 Fridge* Paradise (Gray Mix)
DVD-24 Fridge* Paradise (Komakino Remix)
Remix – Komakino
DVD-25 Fridge* Paradise (Nu-Gray Mix)
DVD-26 Fridge* Paradise (Push Remix)
Remix – Push
DVD-27 Fridge* Paradise (Radio Edit)
DVD-28 Fridge* Paradise (Slipstream Remix)
Remix – Slipstream
DVD-29 Megara vs. DJ Lee Paradise (Club Mix)
DVD-30 Megara vs. DJ Lee Paradise (Mr Lee Remix)
Remix – Mr. Lee (7)
DVD-31 Future World Love Theme From Bladerunner
DVD-32 Simonetti* Blade Runner
DVD-33 Grandes Exitos Love Theme From Blade Runner
DVD-34 Grandes Exitos Memories Of Green
DVD-35 Hand Of Trance Bladerunner (Club Mix)
DVD-36 Hand Of Trance Bladerunner (Extended Mix)
DVD-37 Hand Of Trance Bladerunner (Radio Edit)
DVD-38 Harry Catt Closing Titles From Blade Runner
DVD-39 Harry Catt Love Theme From Blade Runner
DVD-40 Herman Schwartz Replicant's Suffering
DVD-41 Hypnosis* End Title (Blade Runner)
DVD-42 Jazz At The Movies Band Memories Of Green
DVD-43 Jeff Mills Deckard
DVD-44 Jeff Mills Human Tracking Device
DVD-45 Jeff Mills The Light That Burns Brightest
DVD-46 Jonny L Mother
DVD-47 K.R Dubs Rachel's Song
DVD-48 L.M. Project Bladerunner (Love Theme - Rumba)
DVD-49 Luna-C Bladerunning
DVD-50 Unknown Artist Blade Runner Main Titles
DVD-51 May Project Blade Runner
DVD-52 Mental Wreckage Salvation Within Death
DVD-53 Mike Hammer Blade Runner
DVD-54 Morrissey Mullen Blade-Runner
DVD-55 Angel.i.n.o & Moz-art Bladerunner (Love Theme-End Title Medley)
DVD-56 Mr. Sax Blade Runner
DVD-57 New Vision (3) Blade Runner
DVD-58 New Vision (3) Medley
DVD-59 Paul Haig Free To Go (Public)
DVD-60 Ray Keith Bladerunner
DVD-61 Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks Blade Runner
DVD-62 St. Melody Qtopia (12" Mix)
DVD-63 St. Melody Qtopia
DVD-64 Starink* Blade Runner
DVD-65 Sunset Sky Built To Burn
DVD-66 Unknown Artist Bladerunner
DVD-67 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Dany Lemon Edit)
Remix – Dany Lemon
DVD-68 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Dany Lemon "Unreleased" Extended)
Remix – Dany Lemon
DVD-69 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Miss Thunderpussy Edit)
Remix – Miss Thunderpussy
DVD-70 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Miss Thunderpussy Remix)
Remix – Miss Thunderpussy
DVD-71 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Ramins Brainticket Edit)
Remix – Ramin*
DVD-72 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Ramins Brainticket Remix)
Remix – Ramin*
DVD-73 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Taurus Edit)
DVD-74 Taurus vs. Laurent* Bladerunner (Taurus Mix)
DVD-75 Unknown Artist Blade Runner
DVD-76 The Circle Of Enlightenment Love Theme Bladerunner
DVD-77 The Circle Of Enlightenment Theme From Bladerunner
DVD-78 The Nasty Boyz Angel (Hardstyle Masterz Cut)
Producer [Additional] – Hardstyle MasterzRemix – Hardstyle Masterz
DVD-79 The Nasty Boyz Angel (Ivan Carsten's Vocal Symphony Mix)
Remix – Ivan Carsten
DVD-80 The Nasty Boyz Angel (Original Mix)
DVD-81 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Bladerunner
DVD-82 The Sun Corporation End Title
DVD-83 Theo Parrish Solitary Flight
DVD-84 Tilt Invisible (Tilt's Supernatural Dub)
DVD-85 Tilt Invisible (Tilt's Supernatural Vocal Mix)
DVD-86 Tokra Thaan Blade Runner (Ampere Rmx)
Remix – Ampere (2)
DVD-87 Tokra Thaan Blade Runner (Orginal Mix)
DVD-88 Tokra Thaan Blade Runner (Stereofunk & Saint Martinique Rmx)
Remix – Saint Martinique, Stereofunk (2)
DVD-89 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Schiller Remix)
Remix – Schiller
DVD-90 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Tom Wax Radio Remix)
Remix – Tom Wax
DVD-91 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Tom Wax Remix)
Remix – Tom Wax
DVD-92 Tyrell Corp. vs. Implant Running Thoughts
DVD-93 Tyrell Corp. Running (Atmosphere)
DVD-94 Tyrell Corp. Running (Dub Mix)
DVD-95 Tyrell Corp. Running (Granny Takes A Trip)
DVD-96 Tyrell Corp. Running (Razormaid Mix)
Remix – Razormaid
DVD-97 Tyrell Corp. Running (Remix From 1992)
DVD-98 Tyrell Corp. Running (Tangerine Instrumental)
DVD-99 Tyrell Corp. Running (Turn In, Tune Out, Drop Out)
DVD-100 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Aboria Extended Remix)
Remix – Aboria
DVD-101 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Aboria Radio Remix)
Remix – Aboria
DVD-102 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Humate Remix)
Remix – Humate
DVD-103 Tyrell Corp. Running 2.0 (Mauro Picotto Remix)
Remix – Mauro Picotto
DVD-104 Utopia (15) Love Theme From Bladerunner
DVD-105 Vangelis Blade Runner (Novan-K Remix)
Remix – Novan-K
DVD-106 Vangelis Blade Runner Blues (Keela's Tormented Remix)
DVD-107 Vangelis Love Theme From Blade Runner (Gutbrod's Ambient Mix)
Remix – Gutbrod
DVD-108 Vangelis Love Theme From Blade Runner (Michael Feihstel After Work Remix)
Remix – Michael Feihstel
DVD-109 Vangelis Experience Blade Runner (End Title)
DVD-110 Vassilis Saleas* Love Theme (From Blade Runner)
DVD-111 Vassilis Saleas* Rachel's Song
DVD-112 Westworld Techno Cop
DVD-113 Zymotix Rachel In Trance (Club Remix)
DVD-114 Zymotix Rachel In Trance (Maximum Cut)
DVD-115 Zymotix Rachel In Trance (Short Cut)
DVD-116 Andora (2) Blade Runner (The Digital Blonde's Blonderunner Mix)
Remix – The Digital Blonde
DVD-117 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Kai Tracid Remix)
Remix – Kai Tracid
DVD-118 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Kai Tracid Short Mix)
Remix – Kai Tracid
DVD-119 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Original Mix)
DVD-120 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Original Short Mix)
DVD-121 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Silent Breed Remix)
Remix – Silent Breed
DVD-122 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Steve Baltes Remix)
Remix – Steve Baltes
DVD-123 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Tandu Remix)
Remix – DJ Tandu
DVD-124 Andora (2) Blade Runner (Tandu Short Mix)
Remix – DJ Tandu
DVD-125 Darkside Full Circle (Original Mix)
DVD-126 Darkside Full Circle (Sunset Sky Remix)
Remix – Sunset Sky
DVD-127 Future Grip Blade Runner (Extended Mix)
DVD-128 Future Grip Blade Runner (Radio Mix)
DVD-129 Remake Blade Over
DVD-130 Remake Blade-In
DVD-131 Remake Blade-Out
DVD-132 Remake Blade Runner (Hipnotyc Remix)
DVD-133 Remake Blade Runner
DVD-134 Remake Blade Runner (Replicant Mix)
DVD-135 Remake Bladerunner (The Director's Cut) (Chris & James Remix)
Remix – Chris & James
DVD-136 Remake Blade Runner (Tubolar Blade)
DVD-137 Remake vs. Inner City Blade Runner vs. Till We Meet Again (Sasha Mash-Up)
Remix – Sasha
DVD-138 Sector 7 Bladerunner (Long)
DVD-139 Sector 7 Bladerunner (Monumental)
DVD-140 Sector 7 Bladerunner (Short)
DVD-141 Vangelis Tears In Rain (Workprint Version)
DVD-142 The Fires Of Ork The Facts Of Life
DVD-143 The Fires Of Ork The Fires Of Ork I
DVD-144 The Fires Of Ork The Fires Of Ork II
DVD-145 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Al Faris & Andrew Wooden Dub Mix)
Remix – Al-Faris & Andrew Wooden
DVD-146 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Club Remix)
DVD-147 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Deep Club Remix)
DVD-148 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Extended Radio Mix)
DVD-149 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Rachel's Dream Mix)
Remix – Oliver A. Kruse
DVD-150 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Radio Mix)
DVD-151 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (Video Edit)
Remix – Derek Mirage, Oliver A. Kruse
DVD-152 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (V.O.O.D.I. & Solid Sleep Cyper Floor Mix)
Remix – Solid Sleep, V.O.O.D.I.
DVD-153 Tyrell Bros. Theme From Blade Runner (V.O.O.D.I. & Solid Sleep Phuture City Mix)
Remix – Solid Sleep, V.O.O.D.I.
DVD-154 Vangelis Blade Runner End Titles (UNKLE Edit)
Remix – UNKLE
DVD-155 Vangelis Blush Response (UNKLEsounds Edit)
Remix – UNKLE Sounds
DVD-156 Vangelis Rachel's Song (Parks & Wilson Remix)
Remix – Parks & Wilson
DVD-157 Vangelis Tales Of The Future (Early Demo 2)
DVD-158 Virtual Symmetry / Vangelis / Salt Tank The V.S. / Tears In Rain / Eugina (Pacific Diva)
DVD-159 L'Orchestre Electronique Bladerunner
DVD-160 UNKLE Spinners
Trailer Music
DVD-161 Robert Randles 1981 Teaser Trailer & Alternate Main Titles
DVD-162 Unknown Artist 1982 Theatrical Trailer
DVD-163 Unknown Artist 1992 Director's Cut Trailer
DVD-164 Unknown Artist 2007 Final Cut Trailer
New American Orchestra Adaptions
DVD-165 The New American Orchestra Love Theme
DVD-166 The New American Orchestra Main Title
DVD-167 The New American Orchestra One More Kiss, Dear
DVD-168 The New American Orchestra Memories Of Green
DVD-169 The New American Orchestra End Title
DVD-170 The New American Orchestra Blade Runner Blues
DVD-171 The New American Orchestra Farewell
DVD-172 The New American Orchestra End Title Reprise


Bootleg of a bootleg. Front and back has slightly different pictures (from same scene but in a different angle).

Additional info taken from the booklet:


N. 1. To reach the highest point or degree: A final climatic stage
N. 2. To come to completion: End. A concluding action.
N. 3. Attainment or arrival at the highest pitch of glory.


N. 1. Removal or withdrawal from service, office, or business.
N. 2. The execution of a "replicant" in the motion picture "Blade Runner".

These two words epitomise this release: It is the fourth and final chapter of the "Esper" Blade Runner series of scores. Someone once said, "All good things come to an end". 25 years after the film's premiere the "Blade Runner Trilogy" set was released but is far from complete with a lot of eminent music missing, hence the need for this release which is a true reflection of Vangelis' enigmatic score. All the music is here in chronological order.

Like when a Blade Runner "retires" replicants, the "25th Anniversary Culmination" is intended to illustrate this with its dark artwork and black discs, mirroring Ridley Scott's vision of a futuristic Los Angeles.

The "Retirement Edition" has many improvements over all other Blade Runner releases. For the first time the original and full studio recording of "Prologue And Main Titles" is featured, incorporating superior sound quality. It also contains an unreleased early demo of "Tales Of The Future" and a track entitled "J.F. Sebastian's Apartment", both of which are new and exclusive to this release. "End Titles" has the best sound quality to date and is played here in its full original 7 minute recording. "Dangerous Days" and "Wounded Animals" are also complete and in their best ever sound quality. There are also extended and full versions of "I Am The Business" and "I Dreamt Music", otherwise known as "Desolation Path" or the "Alternate Love Theme".

There has always been an argument to whether the music of Blade Runner sounds better with or without sound effects. This final "Retirement Edition" aims to create the most "musically-pure" and complete Blade Runner listening experience to date. The score has been completely remixed and created from scratch so it does sound very different from the previous three "Esper" releases. When the "Blade Runner Trilogy" set was released the original 1994 album was remastered and it is these remastered recordings that are used on the "Retirement Edition". Also many other unreleased tracks have been remastered.

Since the film's initial release in 1982, the now legendary Blade Runner score by Vangelis Papathanassiou has become one of the most talked about scores of all time. The "Retirement Edition" is the ultimate Blade Runner score, professionally mixed in a recording studio to give you, the listener, the best sound quality and mix of music possible.

Infos about Disc 4, 5 and 6, taken from the booklet:

A collection of alternate material, exclusive and unique to the Esper "Retirement" Edition. This includes a specially prepared "City Streets" suite that aims to transport the listener into a futuristic Los Angeles, sampling the film in chronological order using all available sound effects. These discs also contain Vangelis unused music for the film and a selection of bonus material. Finally you will find interpretations and remixes by other artists that were influenced by the film, sampling Blade Runner's distinctive diaolgue and effects. Most notably there is a DJ Mix which includes two exclusive suites of the Future Sound of London's "My Kingdom" and Cosmic Baby's "L.A. 2018" that were specially created by Esper Productions for this set.

Infos about the DVD-Rom, taken from the "READ ME".txt-file on the DVD-Rom:

Vangelis - Blade Runner Esper 'Retirement' Edition: 25th Anniversary Culmination. Disc 6.

This final disc features a collection of over 150 tracks that are Blade Runner oriented. They are interpretations and remixes by other artists that were influenced by the film, sampling Blade Runner's distinctive dialogue and effects. It has taken Esper Productions many years to compile such an abundant selection of music.

All the music has been ripped using the "EAC" program with 'proper' settings (No C2, accurate stream, disable cache, correct offset correction, etc - for all you tech-heads out there) with the highest bit rate of mp3 possible (320kbps where available). Some of the music can be found in WAVE format for all the audiophile lossless fanatics ;)


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  • Barcode: 7 B-26354-D9732 0

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