Various ‎– 2 Minute Warning

A Perfect Gentleman ‎– apg #13
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1 Home For The Def Ain't No God But Me
2 The Mangy Koh Chang Nipple Dogs Soap Me, Shave Me, Shag Me, Til I Scream With Ecstacy (I Don't Have A Wife)
3 5!NYTK Coastline To The Shore
4 Alex Habus With Booster Suction Inlets Gentlemen Use Spoons
5 No Through Road Girls Are The Devil (Out Of My Heart Mix)
6 The Wagons* I Complete You, I Defeat You
7 The Yearlings (3) All The Phone
8 Rich Gohl* Ride The Highway
9 Frontiers In Photography Wait For Me
10 Susan W Heater Totally Discombobulated By You
11 The Moonies (4) Manning Clarke
12 The Bleeding Hearts (4) Easter Weekend Breakdown
13 The Rockin' Times Sally's Got A Bone
14 Kandinsky (7) I Knew From The Start
15 The Invisibles (7) Evador
16 Straight 2 Video Ph.D In Apathy
17 Digger & The Pussycats Stab (A Motherfucker In The Back)
18 The Frustrations What Erica Told Me
19 Truck Train Tractor Trousers
20 The Beautiful Few Angels Of Warrandyte
21 Madeline's Wreath Picturesque
22 Simpatico (5) Scholastic Intuition
23 God Burning System The Metallurgist
24 The Backfeed Slumber Sleep
25 The Radar B ... So Yeah, Anyway...
26 The Silvermine Tapes Leave It Running
27 Marxist Real Estate Do You Habour Any Fears?
28 Green Bikini Plate Of Penis (For Bowl Of Dick)
29 MOTH (3) King of Soul
30 Jon Dale & Kynan Lawlor Sick And Hungover
31 Hit The Jackpot You're So Demanding
32 Scott O'Hara Drunk and Smoochie
33 Sound Of Mercy Killing Living Under The Constant Threat Of Being Fisted By Ruth Cracknell And Her Leathery Fisting Machine
34 Ianto Ware I Wish Life Could Be Motorhead CDs
35 Hardy Coxon Phallic Hat
36 Jihad Against America Terrorism Is The New Black
37 George W. Bush (2) The Secret Society Of Dickhead Zombie Rock Stars
38 Bombscare Advance Australia Unfair
39 Roo Shooter Not Today