Various ‎– 20 Original Debut-Albums by 20 Rock & Roll Stars

The Intense Media ‎– 600222
10 × CD, Compilation


1-1 Chuck Berry School Day (Ring, Ring Goes The Bell)
1-2 Chuck Berry Deep Feeling
1-3 Chuck Berry Too Much Monkey Business
1-4 Chuck Berry Wee Wee Hours
1-5 Chuck Berry Roly Poly
1-6 Chuck Berry No Money Down
1-7 Chuck Berry Brown Eyed Handsome Man
1-8 Chuck Berry Berry Pickin'
1-9 Chuck Berry Together We Will Always Be
1-10 Chuck Berry Havana Moon
1-11 Chuck Berry Down Bound Train
1-12 Chuck Berry Drifting Heart
1-13 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley
1-14 Bo Diddley I'm A Man
1-15 Bo Diddley Bring It To Jerome
1-16 Bo Diddley Before You Accuse Me
1-17 Bo Diddley Hey Bo Diddley
1-18 Bo Diddley Dearest Darling
1-19 Bo Diddley Hush Your Mouth
1-20 Bo Diddley Say Boss Man
1-21 Bo Diddley Diddley Daddy
1-22 Bo Diddley Diddley Wah Diddley
1-23 Bo Diddley Who Do You Love
1-24 Bo Diddley Pretty Thing
2-1 Bill Haley Live It Up
2-2 Bill Haley Real Rock Drive
2-3 Bill Haley Ten Little Indians
2-4 Bill Haley Chattanooga Choo Choo
2-5 Bill Haley Rock The Joint
2-6 Bill Haley Rocking Chair On The Moon
2-7 Bill Haley I'll Be True
2-8 Bill Haley Farewell, So Long Goodbye
2-9 Bill Haley Pat-A-Cake
2-10 Bill Haley Factured
2-11 Bill Haley Stop Beatin' Around The Mulberry Bush
2-12 Bill Haley Dance With A Dolly
2-13 Ricky Nelson (2) Honeycomb
2-14 Ricky Nelson (2) Boppin' The Blues
2-15 Ricky Nelson (2) Be Bop Baby
2-16 Ricky Nelson (2) Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
2-17 Ricky Nelson (2) Teenage Doll
2-18 Ricky Nelson (2) If You Can't Rock Me
2-19 Ricky Nelson (2) Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
2-20 Ricky Nelson (2) Baby I'm Sorry
2-21 Ricky Nelson (2) Am I Blue
2-22 Ricky Nelson (2) I'm Confessin'
2-23 Ricky Nelson (2) Your True Love
2-24 Ricky Nelson (2) True Love
3-1 Eddie Cochran Sittin' In The Balcony
3-2 Eddie Cochran Completely Sweet
3-3 Eddie Cochran Undying Love
3-4 Eddie Cochran I'm Alone Because I Love You
3-5 Eddie Cochran Lovin' Time
3-6 Eddie Cochran Proud Of You
3-7 Eddie Cochran Mean When I'm Mad
3-8 Eddie Cochran Stockings And Shoes
3-9 Eddie Cochran Tell Me Why
3-10 Eddie Cochran Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
3-11 Eddie Cochran Cradle Baby
3-12 Eddie Cochran One Kiss
3-13 Gene Vincent Blue Jean Bop
3-14 Gene Vincent Jezebel
3-15 Gene Vincent Who Slapped John
3-16 Gene Vincent Ain't She Sweet
3-17 Gene Vincent I Flipped
3-18 Gene Vincent Waltz Of The Wind
3-19 Gene Vincent Jump Back, Honey Jump Back
3-20 Gene Vincent Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang Of Mine)
3-21 Gene Vincent Jumps, Giggles and Shouts
3-22 Gene Vincent Up A Lazy River
3-23 Gene Vincent Bop Street
3-24 Gene Vincent Peg O' My Heart
4-1 Buddy Holly I'm Gonna Love You Too
4-2 Buddy Holly Peggy Sue
4-3 Buddy Holly Look At Me
4-4 Buddy Holly Listen To Me
4-5 Buddy Holly Valley Of Tears
4-6 Buddy Holly Ready Teddy
4-7 Buddy Holly Everyday
4-8 Buddy Holly Mailman Bring Me No More Blues
4-9 Buddy Holly Words Of Love
4-10 Buddy Holly (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
4-11 Buddy Holly Rave On
4-12 Buddy Holly Little Baby
4-13 Wanda Jackson Day Dreaming
4-14 Wanda Jackson I Wanna Waltz
4-15 Wanda Jackson Heartbreak Ahead
4-16 Wanda Jackson Making Believe
4-17 Wanda Jackson Here We Are Again
4-18 Wanda Jackson Long Tall Sally
4-19 Wanda Jackson Just Call Me Lonesome
4-20 Wanda Jackson Let Me Go Lover
4-21 Wanda Jackson Money Honey
4-22 Wanda Jackson I Can't Make My Dreams Understand
4-23 Wanda Jackson Happy, Happy Birthday
4-24 Wanda Jackson Let's Have A Party
5-1 Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes
5-2 Carl Perkins Movie Magg
5-3 Carl Perkins Sure To Fall
5-4 Carl Perkins Gone, Gone, Gone
5-5 Carl Perkins Honey Don't
5-6 Carl Perkins Only You
5-7 Carl Perkins Tennessee
5-8 Carl Perkins Wrong Yo Yo
5-9 Carl Perkins Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
5-10 Carl Perkins Matchbox
5-11 Carl Perkins Your True Love
5-12 Carl Perkins Boppin' The Blues
5-13 Jerry Lee Lewis Don't Be Cruel
5-14 Jerry Lee Lewis Goodnight Irene
5-15 Jerry Lee Lewis Put Me Down
5-16 Jerry Lee Lewis It All Depends On You
5-17 Jerry Lee Lewis Ubangi Stomp
5-18 Jerry Lee Lewis Crazy Arms
5-19 Jerry Lee Lewis Jambalaya
5-20 Jerry Lee Lewis Fools Like Me
5-21 Jerry Lee Lewis Highschool Confidential
5-22 Jerry Lee Lewis When The Saints Go Marching In
5-23 Jerry Lee Lewis Matchbox
5-24 Jerry Lee Lewis It'll Be Me
6-1 Little Richard Tutti Frutti
6-2 Little Richard True Fine Mama
6-3 Little Richard Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
6-4 Little Richard Ready Teddy
6-5 Little Richard Baby
6-6 Little Richard Slippin' And Slidin'
6-7 Little Richard Long Tall Sally
6-8 Little Richard Miss Ann
6-9 Little Richard Oh Why
6-10 Little Richard Rip It Up
6-11 Little Richard Jenny Jenny
6-12 Little Richard She's Got It
6-13 Fats Domino The Fat Man
6-14 Fats Domino Tired Of Crying
6-15 Fats Domino Goin' Home
6-16 Fats Domino You Said You Loved Me
6-17 Fats Domino Goin' To The River
6-18 Fats Domino Please Don't Leave Me
6-19 Fats Domino Rose Mary
6-20 Fats Domino All By Myself
6-21 Fats Domino Ain't It A Shame
6-22 Fats Domino Poor Me
6-23 Fats Domino Bo Weevil
6-24 Fats Domino Don't Blame It On Me
7-1 Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes
7-2 Elvis Presley I'm Counting On You
7-3 Elvis Presley I Got A Woman
7-4 Elvis Presley One-Sided Love Affair
7-5 Elvis Presley I Love You Because
7-6 Elvis Presley Just Because
7-7 Elvis Presley Tutti Frutti
7-8 Elvis Presley Trying To Get To You
7-9 Elvis Presley I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry
7-10 Elvis Presley I'll Never Let You Go
7-11 Elvis Presley Blue Moon
7-12 Elvis Presley Money Honey
7-13 Cliff Richard Apron Strings
7-14 Cliff Richard My Babe
7-15 Cliff Richard Down The Line
7-16 Cliff Richard I Got A Feeling
7-17 Cliff Richard Jet Black
7-18 Cliff Richard Baby I Don't Care
7-19 Cliff Richard Donna
7-20 Cliff Richard Move It
7-21 Cliff Richard Ready Teddy
7-22 Cliff Richard Too Much
7-23 Cliff Richard Don't Bug Me Baby
7-24 Cliff Richard Driftin
7-25 Cliff Richard That'll Be The Day
7-26 Cliff Richard Be Bop A Lula
7-27 Cliff Richard Danny
7-28 Cliff Richard Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
8-1 Duane Eddy Lonesome Road
8-2 Duane Eddy I Almost Lost My Mind
8-3 Duane Eddy Rebel Rouser
8-4 Duane Eddy Three-30-Blues
8-5 Duane Eddy Cannonball
8-6 Duane Eddy The Lonely One
8-7 Duane Eddy Detour
8-8 Duane Eddy Stalkin'
8-9 Duane Eddy Ramrod
8-10 Duane Eddy Anytime
8-11 Duane Eddy Movin' N Groovin'
8-12 Duane Eddy Loving You
8-13 Johnny And The Hurricanes Red River Rock
8-14 Johnny And The Hurricanes Happy Time
8-15 Johnny And The Hurricanes Buckeye
8-16 Johnny And The Hurricanes Cut Out
8-17 Johnny And The Hurricanes Lazy
8-18 Johnny And The Hurricanes Walkin'
8-19 Johnny And The Hurricanes Crossfire
8-20 Johnny And The Hurricanes Storm Warning
8-21 Johnny And The Hurricanes Bam-Boo
8-22 Johnny And The Hurricanes Thunderbolt
8-23 Johnny And The Hurricanes Joyride
8-24 Johnny And The Hurricanes Rock Cha
9-1 Frankie Avalon OOh Look-A There, Ain't She Pretty
9-2 Frankie Avalon Short Fat Fanne
9-3 Frankie Avalon Young Love
9-4 Frankie Avalon Young And Beautiful
9-5 Frankie Avalon Diana
9-6 Frankie Avalon At The Hop
9-7 Frankie Avalon Honey
9-8 Frankie Avalon I'm Walkin'
9-9 Frankie Avalon Little Biddy Pretty One
9-10 Frankie Avalon De De Dinah
9-11 Frankie Avalon The Stroll
9-12 Frankie Avalon My Mom
9-13 Frankie Avalon You're My Girl
9-14 Fabian (6) Tiger Rag
9-15 Fabian (6) Hold Me (In Your Arms)
9-16 Fabian (6) Ooh What You Do
9-17 Fabian (6) I Don't Know Why
9-18 Fabian (6) Please Don't Stop
9-19 Fabian (6) Lovesick
9-20 Fabian (6) Gotta Get You
9-21 Fabian (6) Love Me, Love My Tiger
9-22 Fabian (6) Don't You Think It's Time
9-23 Fabian (6) Just One More Time
9-24 Fabian (6) Cuddle Up A Little Closer
9-25 Fabian (6) Steady Date
9-26 Fabian (6) Turn Me Loose
10-1 Chubby Checker Twistin' U.S.A.
10-2 Chubby Checker The Ooh Poo Pah Doo Shimmy
10-3 Chubby Checker The C.C. Rider Stroll
10-4 Chubby Checker The Strand
10-5 Chubby Checker The Chicken
10-6 Chubby Checker The Hucklebuck
10-7 Chubby Checker The Twist
10-8 Chubby Checker The Madison
10-9 Chubby Checker Love Is Strange Calypso
10-10 Chubby Checker The Mexican Hat Twist
10-11 Chubby Checker The Stop
10-12 Chubby Checker The Pony
10-13 Paul Anka Crazy Love
10-14 Paul Anka Sing Sing Sing
10-15 Paul Anka Let The Bells Keep Ringing
10-16 Paul Anka You Are My Destiny
10-17 Paul Anka Jambalaya
10-18 Paul Anka Down By The River Side
10-19 Paul Anka Just Young
10-20 Paul Anka Your Cheatin' Heart
10-21 Paul Anka You Belong To Me
10-22 Paul Anka Walking My Baby Back Home
10-23 Paul Anka So It's Goodbye
10-24 Paul Anka Diana


20 Original albums debuts on 10 cds. Bill Haley, Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, Wanda Jackson, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Duane Eddy, Johnny & The Hurricanes, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Chubby Checker, Paul Anka, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley