Various ‎– 23 Seconds Ov Time Volume 8 : " Infinite Possibilities "

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23 Seconds Ov Time 8.0 - "Infinite Possibilities"
1.1 One Infinite Loop Infinite Possibilities
1.2 Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Thee Awakening
1.3 Otto V. Rhino* 23Sot
1.4 Mile 97 23
1.5 Man Of Leisure* Chopped Liver
1.6 Nux Vomica Brillant Nuclear Flash
1.7 R^dio Vril* Aliengelz Ov Zax
1.8 Temple Music One Left
1.9 All The Cat Tiki Food Yum Yum
1.10 Joran Laperre Ascension
1.11 Professor Sonic Pirate Cowry
1.12 Collude Activate
1.13 Botched Facelift Black Acid
1.14 Lackthrow Total Waste
1.15 Total E.T. 23 Scovt
1.16 Suntrekker At One
1.17 Midnightradio11 Schürfwunde
1.18 Anti Person Komplex* The First Emanation
1.19 Don Haugen 23 Ritval
1.20 David Prescott-Steed Heat Sink Percussion
1.21 The Implicit Order 23 Tv Dinners
1.22 R'lyeh Parturition Of Cosmic Spawn
1.23 Instagon Source23
1.24 The Gray Field Recordings When You Strike A Match
1.25 Laughing Goo Dilapidated Starship At Light Speed
1.26 Antonin Artane 23 Ghosts
1.27 Inari Alchemist Viral Synthesis
1.28 Frequency 452 Chocobotribe
1.29 Average Alien Telegram From Space
1.30 Hari Hardman Infinnit23
1.31 Accidental Memories Initiate Fractal Sequence23
1.32 Herd William A Boy By Depression
1.33 Lezet Cluster
1.34 Zreen Toyz A Possible Infinite Piano
1.35 Exclamation Point !
1.36 Wayne Mason Infinitely Higher
1.37 To-Bo U23
1.38 Der Domestizierte Mensch Nuth
1.39 Morpheus Project Water Dragon's Dance
1.40 Guess Behemoth Wiggle Room
1.41 Immigrant Rugburn This Gypsy's Downfall
1.42 Phog Masheeen Large Infrastructure
1.43 Ihavenomouthandmustscream Bugfuck (Apeiros)
1.44 Conure 23 Seconds Of Drama
1.45 Jolthrower Flavored Water Is A Joke
1.46 Druha Smrt* From Absence
1.47 Bias Ply Americanism
1.48 Doomettes So Little Time(23 Seconds In Fact)
1.49 David Wright Goldmine Space Shot
1.50 Eleven Shrines Jhammin O Amin
1.51 Ars Sonor Framtiden
1.52 Frequency 402 Screaming Chakra
1.53 TZii If I'm Wrong
1.54 Plom So Cabron
1.55 Lindsey Walker Sirens Cross
1.56 Wounded Galaxies 66 Crush
1.57 M.O.S.E.S. Blameless
1.58 Origami Natura Wood In A Metal Bucket
1.59 Ufooverjerusalem Ufo Over Jerusalem
1.60 Deth Sike Cotton Fever Hell
1.61 Jim Tingle Mutant Lullaby
1.62 Absolut Insult Snippet From Summoning A Demon
1.63 I.N.R.I. Vivimancer: Thee Death Ov Thee Lady Ov Thee Chalice
1.64 James "Jim" Trash The Day We Lost Lou Reed
1.65 Kemikal Adiktion If You Liked It That'd Take The Fun Out Of Humiliating You!!!
1.66 LOB Lob's Breakdown[segment]
1.67 Overdose The Katatonic I'm Living To Die!!!!!
1.68 Love-Bd Says Zzoneman Elin_Bd-01
1.69 Inderst Elia Mass Production Cp9
1.70 Hiyohiyoipseniyo Pycnosis
1.71 Dino Crowley Yeah Yeah Yeah
1.72 Chad E. Williams Stonewall Gets Down (23 Second Mix)
1.73 Silver Moult My Tormentor
1.74 Stress Orphan This Shit I Took Is This Shit
1.75 Backyard Ghost Safie
1.76 Vesica Piscis 23 Morsels
1.77 The Zero Collective Blank Slate
1.78 Paltarius The Ghost Line (Nsa Dossier 2387160716)
1.79 13Hz Delay Knee #1
1.80 Robert Lane Expeller Rest
1.81 DJ PC93 Flip Ur Lid
1.82 Loopool Interuption
1.83 One-Eyed Zatoichi* Delay Knee #2
1.84 Frequency 139 Infinite Message



All tracks were collected, assembed, & mastered for AIN23.
Volume 8 features 84 contributions that were sent in during the peroid that tracks were accepted.
Every track that was submitted was accepted.
Each submission appears in the order in which it was received.
We received contributions from 17 different countries, and also from 15 different States in the USA for this volume ov thee project.

Headphones are highly recommended for the best enjoyment of this volume.

23 Seconds ov Time: Volume 8
CONTRIBUTORS - Track (Location)

ONE INFINITE LOOP - Infinite Possibilities (USA - Medford,Oregon)
OTTO V. RHINO - 23SOT (FRANCE - Strasboug)
MILE 97 - 23 (USA, San Diego,CA)
MAN OF LEISURE - Chopped Liver (USA - Lake Forest,CA)
NUX VOMICA - Brillant Nuclear Flash (USA - Redwood City,CA)
R^DIO VRIL - Aliengelz Ov Zax (USA - Battle Creek,MI)
TEMPLE MUSIC - One Left (GREECE - Zarakes,Evia)
AL THE CAT - Tiki Food Yum Yum (USA - Medford,OR)
PROFESSOR SONIC - Pirate Cowry (USA - Lahaina,HI)
COLLUDE - Activate (USA - Sacramento,CA)
BOTCHED FACELIFT - Black Acid (USA - Morgan Hill,CA)
LACKTHROW - Total Waste (USA - Pennsylvania)
TOTAL E.T. - 23 scovt (SLOVAKIA)
SUNTREKKER - At One (USA - Providence,R.I.)
MIDNIGHTRADIO11 - schürfwunde (GERMANY - Dortmund)
ANTI PERSON KOMPLEX - The First Emanation (IRELAND - Cork)
DON HAUGEN - 23 Ritval (USA - Eugene,OR)
DAVID PRESCOTT-STEED - Heat Sink Percussion (AUSTRALIA - Melbourne)
THE IMPLICIT ORDER - 23 TV Dinners (USA - Smilax,KY)
R'LYEH - Parturition of Cosmic Spawn (USA - Santa Cruz,CA)
INSTAGON - SOURCE23 (USA - Sacramento,CA)
THE GREY FIELD RECORDINGS - When You Strike A Match (?)
LAUGHING GOO - Dilapidated Starship at Light Speed (USA - Houston,TX)
ANTONIN ARTANE - 23 Ghosts (GERMANY - Berlin)
INARI ALCHEMIST - Viral Synthesis (USA - Sacramento,CA)
FREQUENCY 452 - Chocobotribe (USA - Medford,OR)
AVERAGE ALIEN - Telegram From Space (UK - Yorkshire)
HARI HARDMAN - Infinnit23 (UK - Reading)
ACCIDENTAL MEMORIES - Initiate Fractal Sequence23 (USA – San Francisco,CA)
HERD WILLIAM - a boy by depression (USA, Woodburn,OR)
LEZET – Cluster (SERBIA)
ZREEN TOYZ - A Possible Infinite Piano (FRANCE)
WAYNE MASON - Infinitely Higher (USA,Florida)
MORPHEUS PROJECT - Water Dragon's Dance (USA, East Coast)
GUESS BEHEMOTH - Wiggle Room (USA, State College,PA)
IMMIGRANT RUGBURN - This Gypsy's Downfall (USA, Panama City,FL)
PHOG MASHEEEN - Large infrastructure (USA, Costa Mesa,CA)
CONURE - 23 Seconds of Drama (GERMANY, Berlin)
JOLTHROWER - Flavored Water Is A Joke (Wet Planet)
BIAS PLY - Americanism (USA, Houston,TX)
DOOMETTES - So Little Time(23 Seconds In Fact) (USA,Anchorage,AK)
DAVID WRIGHT - Goldmine Space Shot (USA, Tucscon,AZ)
ELEVEN SHRINES - Jhammin o Amin (Marshlands of Pacific Northwest, USA Vancouver, WA)
ARS SONOR - Framtiden (SWEEDEN, Stockholms län)
FREQUENCY 402 - Screaming Chakra (USA, Maui,HI)
TZII - If I'm Wrong (BELGIUM)
PLOM - So Cabron (SPAIN, Barcelona)
LINDSEY WALKER - Sirens Cross (USA, San Francisco,CA)
WOUNDED GALAXIES - 66 Crush (USA, North Canton, OH)
M.O.S.E.S. - Blameless (USA, Snohomish, WA)
ORIGAMI NATURA - Wood In A Metal Bucket (?)
ufoOVERjerusalem - UFO Over Jerusalem (USA, Illinois)
DETH SIKE - Cotton Fever Hell (USA, Seattle,WA/SF,CA)
JIM TINGLE - Mutant Lullaby (MERCURY)
ABSOLUT INSULT - Snippet from Summoning a Demon (USA, Portland,OR)
I.N.R.I. - Vivimancer: Thee Death Ov Thee Lady Ov Thee Chalice (USA, Colorado)
JAMES "JIM" TRASH - The Day We Lost Lou Reed (USA, Anti-Social)
KEMIKAL ADIKTION - IF You Liked It That'd take the fun out of Humiliating You!!! (?)
LOB - Lob's Breakdown[segment] (USA, Sacramento,CA)
INDERST ELIA - Mass production CP9 (NORWAY, Holmestrand)
DINO CROWLEY - Yeah Yeah Yeah (USA, Sacramento,CA)
CHAD E. WILLIAMS - Stonewall Gets Down (23 Second Mix) (USA, Sacramento,CA)
SILVER MOULT - My Tormentor (USA, Pleasant Hill,CA)
STRESS ORPHAN - This Shit I Took Is This Shit (USA, Washington DC)
BACKYARD GHOST - Safie (USA, Chicago,IL)
VESICA PISCIS - 23 Morsels (USA, Flagstaff,AZ)
THE ZERO COLLECTIVE - Blank Slate (USA, Los Angeles,CA)
PALTARIUS - The Ghost Line (NSA Dossier 2387160716) (CANADA, London,Ontario)
13HZ - Delay Knee #1 (USA, Pleasant View,CO)
ROBERT LANE - Expeller Rest (USA, Seattle,WA)
DJ PC93 - Flip Ur Lid (USA, Casselberry, FL)
LOOPOOL - Interuption (USA, Los Angeles,CA)
ONE-EYED ZATOICHI - Delay Knee #2 (USA, Plesant View,CO)
FREQUENCY 139 - infinite message (USA, Sacramento,CA)