Various ‎– 5 Jahre Atari

Jean-Claude Madame ‎– JCM002
2 × Cassette, Compilation


A01 Humus (7) Compra La Tua Croce
A02 Not On Tour Just Forget It
A03 Dulac (3) Must Be You
A04 Kick It! Fuck Love
A05 Sick Times Here's Your Warning
A06 Kaput Krauts Muchtige Spechte
A07 Danger Danger* Your Fumes
A08 Henry Fonda (2) Warcry
A09 Freiburg Der Tod, Er Stirbt, Er Liebt
A10 Amen 81 Fernglas
A11 Lost Girls (2) Robert
A12 Front (3) Onanie Und Alltag
A13 Ludger (2) Moschverbot Vom Arzt
A14 Vengeance (11) Lost
A15 Zann Last Night A Book Saved My Life
A16 Farmer's Boulevard Push You Down
A17 Man Hands Ballabrigs
A18 Kellerasseln Mein Ofen
A19 Beatpoeten 70000 Worte
B01 Johnny Mauser Tötet Den Frosch
B02 The Toyotas Small Talk
B03 Dry Heaves Working
B04 Inner Conflict (2) Müde Augen
B05 Angstbreaker Don't Come Around
B06 Reset Mankind* Gehirntod
B07 Nous Danserons Sur Vos Ruines Insanity And Mosh Pit
B08 Ben Racken Ein Freund
B09 Love A Säge
B10 Modern Pets Killing Sounds For Rotten People
B11 Liberty Madness Sexual Content Warning
B12 Alarmstufe Gerd Malt Alles Voll
B13 Leidkultur Giving Truth A Bad Name Since 1903
B14 The Truth* 80's Style
B15 Axes (3) Follow The Qualm
B16 Juggling Jugulars Asylum
B17 Blank Pages (2) Pearls Of Wisdom
C01 Snob Value Claptrap
C02 Ruins (8) Papermade
C03 Rebarker* Said Millions Times Before
C04 Rebarker* Basel
C05 Auszenseiter Tunnelblick
C06 The Toyotas Destroy Your Radio
C07 The High Society Schatten Über Nürnberg
C08 Riot Reiser Piss Jah Sizzla
C09 Kellerasseln Eva
C10 Ex Best Friends Stehen Und Starren
C11 Inner Conflict (2) Freizeitsport
C12 Shutcombo Deto-Nation
C13 Sick Times Trash Diet
C14 We Are In The Country Remembering The Buried Wounds
C15 Front (3) Herrenreiter
C16 Afterlife Kids Fahrtwind
C17 Kyrest Kein Wir
C18 Henry Fonda (2) Ich Hasse Den Pizzamann
D01 Humus Davanti Ai Nostri Occhi
D02 Beatpoeten Der Sachzwang
D03 Juggling Jugulars Gladiators
D04 Ludger (2) Ein Deutscher Traum
D05 Mikrokosmos23 Kein Weißt Du Noch
D06 Freiburg Das Verhör
D07 Kaput Krauts Kriegchen
D08 Uzbeks (2) El Vampiro
D09 Lights Out! Destination: Annihilation
D10 Liberty Madness Drugged Up Fucked Up
D11 Danger Danger* Conservative Punk
D12 Alarmstufe Gerd Plaub Ich Nicht
D13 Reset Mankind* Beton Im Wald
D14 Todeskommando Atomsturm Popcorn, Cola, Revolution
D15 Burn/It/Out Fuck The Book
D16 Leidkultur Unheilbar Deutsch
D17 Jungbluth Traubhagel
D18 Verbrannte Erde (2) Arm Dran


Limited to 150 pieces, done to the 5. anniversary of the Atari, a DIY venue in Leipzig, all contributing bands have played there.

Comes with sticker, button and a huge booklet including lyrics and birthday messages.