Various ‎– 80 Records And We're Not Broke (Yet)

Level Plane Records ‎– LP80
2 × CD, Sampler


Label Sampler
1-1 The Holy Shroud Calling In Confederate Debts
1-2 Transistor Transistor Power Chord Academy
1-3 Newgenics Every Girl In The World
1-4 Bucket Full Of Teeth Capital Distracts And Imprisons
1-5 Malady Bad Life
1-6 Shikari Morning Wood
1-7 Coliseum (2) Give Up And Drive
1-8 A Day In Black & White* There Are Objects And Objects
1-9 Air Conditioning Accusation, Denial, Denali
1-10 Amanda Woodward Binaire Et Lisible
1-11 Anodyne (5) In The Desert Sound Precedes Light
1-12 The One AM Radio Buried Below
1-13 Books Lie Cowards Will Give To Get Rid Of You
1-14 Hot Cross Better A Corpse Than A Nun
1-15 Get Fucked (2) Inside The 8LB. Dorm Fire
1-16 Bright Calm Blue Static
1-17 Envy (2) Distress Of Ignorance
1-18 The Fiction You Know, For Kids
1-19 Lickgoldensky Untitled 05
1-20 Neil Perry (2) Nine Minutes Of Non-Fiction
1-21 North Of America Wet To Dance
1-22 Kaospilot The Process Is Set
1-23 Melt Banana* Neck On B1
1-24 City Of Caterpillar A Heartfelt Reaction To Dissatisfaction
Unreleased Material
2-1 A Day In Black & White* Ronald's Right
2-2 Avorza Secret Succession
2-3 City Of Caterpillar Driving Spain Up A Wall (Live)
2-4 Coliseum (2) Set It Straight (Live)
2-5 Gods & Queens* Song #1
2-6 Golden Birds Thermometer
2-7 Lickgoldensky Deathpile Remix
2-8 Neil Perry (2) High Point Improv
2-9 Newgenics Lather, Rinse, Repeat (Live)
2-10 Nixon (13) Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
2-11 The One AM Radio You Can Still Run
2-12 Transistor Transistor The Love Bug Is A Parasite
2-13 We Are Empire Tomacco
2-14 Wolves If You Get The Chance, Set Something On Fire
2-15 The Very (2) Untitled
2-16 The Secret (6) Untitled


Tracks 2-15 & 2-16 are not listed on release.