Various ‎– 88.5 Presents Air Fresheners

Groovy Garden ‎– GRGCD009
CD, Compilation, Digipack


*Tracks 8 & 11 exclusive for the Compilation , never appeared in any other release worldwide.

88miso radio station in Thessaloniki, Greece, is ten years old and it is considered as the most historical and respectful radio station in Greece for two important reasons. First of all, they don’t use the typical radio station model that is ‘’hits and only hits’’ but focuses on broadcasting quality music. This is due to the producers’ love for music and unselfishness. 88miso is still living its years of innocence. The second reason is the feeling of independence of the producers. Almost non-existent playlist and huge trust in abilities, instinct and the feeling of the producers.
This aura was distinguishable at once from the listeners from all over northern Greece. Especially in Thessaloniki, the station has true fans. Hundreds from people got stuck on this ‘’magic’’ frequency. Café and bars play 88miso and the customers are happy while record stores sell “88miso music”! From his side 88miso supports concerts, exhibitions, performances and independent efforts that try to promote art and culture. A lot of people can find a culture home there. For the first time in Greece underground has found a strong Media help through the pursuit of originality, quality and the real.
We don’t want to consider if all this happened in the best way, the essence is that 88miso simply, has done it. We must note that it started with so few means and has been continuing with support from the fans of this radio station.
Groovy Garden now presents a little cross-section of this trip for the last two years. We have tried to put in this CD some of the tracks that justify the selection of 88miso. In other words, some songs that 88miso has supported with passion for the last two years, it’s ‘’music that 88miso has been playing’’. Of course the list cannot be complete, but the ‘’AIR FRESHENERS’’ can provide you with a small taste.
Thirteen tracks that freshen up the radio and give an aroma to the Greek airwaves. Their course is close to 88miso’s course and it’s very interesting to look at this historical relation.