A1 Mudhoney Untitled
A2 Minor Threat Untitled
A3 Manuel J Grotesque* Untitled
A4 Minutemen Untitled
A5 God Is My Copilot* Untitled
A6 Unlogistic Untitled
A7 The Bananas Untitled
A8 Les VRP Untitled
A9 Deerhoof Untitled
A10 Bikini Kill Untitled
A11 Soophie Nun Squad Untitled
A12 Butthole Surfers Untitled
A13 Germs Untitled
A14 Klimperei Untitled
A15 Limp Wrist Untitled
A16 Ex Models Untitled
A17 Akaten Untitled
A18 Melt Banana* Untitled
A19 Beat Happening Untitled
A20 Charles Bronson Untitled
A21 Deep Turtle Untitled
A22 All Girl Summer Band* Untitled
A23 Smut Untitled
A24 Los Crudos Untitled
A25 The Blow Untitled
A26 Belly Button Untitled
A27 Mirah (3) Untitled
A28 Chocolat Billy Untitled
A29 Richard Gotainer Untitled
A30 Primus Untitled
A31 Boredoms Untitled
A32 Coco Rosie* Untitled
A33 Daniel Johnston Untitled
A34 Dead Kennedys Untitled
A35 Dinosaur Jr* Untitled
A36 Experimental Dental School Untitled
A37 Fantômas Untitled
A38 Hank Williams Untitled
A39 MDC (2) Untitled
A40 Mihoen* Untitled
A41 Muppet Show* Untitled
A42 Vitamin X Untitled
A43 Yummy Fur* Untitled
A44 The Beatles Untitled
A45 No Means No* Untitled
A46 Sonic Youth Untitled
A47 The Residents Untitled
A48 Locust* Untitled
A49 Art Ensemble Of Chicago* Untitled
A50 Descendents Untitled
A51 Jad & David Fair* Untitled
A52 X-Or (2) Untitled
A53 Atom & His Package* Untitled
A54 Crass Untitled
A55 Babes In Toyland Untitled
A56 SOA* Untitled
A57 Estradasphere Untitled
A58 7 Seconds Untitled
A59 Akosh* Untitled
A60 Angry Samoans Untitled
A61 Tiny Hawks Untitled
A62 Matty Pop Chart Untitled
A63 Nina Hagen Untitled
A64 Sepultura Untitled
A65 Slayer Untitled
A66 Wire Untitled
A67 Unknown Artist Musique Des Yala (Turquie)
A68 Bruce Lee Untitled
A69 Unknown Artist Là-Bas Si J'y Suis
B1 Melvins Untitled
B2 Don Vito (4) Untitled
B3 Butagaz Untitled
B4 Ruins Untitled
B5 Oso El Roto Untitled
B6 Nirvana Untitled
B7 John Spencer Blues Explosion* Untitled
B8 Teen Idles* Untitled
B9 Taraf de Haïdouks Untitled
B10 The Untouchables* Untitled
B11 Ludwig von Beethoven* Untitled
B12 This Is My Fist Untitled
B13 Cosmic Wurst Untitled
B14 Miles Davis Untitled
B15 Sayyadina Untitled
B16 Lee Ranaldo Untitled
B17 Paul Baribeau Untitled
B18 Beck Untitled
B19 The Velvet Underground Untitled
B20 Victims Family Untitled
B21 La Scaña Del Domingo Untitled
B22 Atari Teenage Riot Untitled
B23 Unknown Artist Chant De La Toundra
B24 Volapuk* Untitled
B25 This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Untitled
B26 One Reason Untitled
B27 Ennio Morricone Untitled
B28 Black Flag Untitled
B29 Les Louise Mitchels Untitled
B30 Devo Untitled
B31 Lisa Germano Untitled
B32 Inuit Chant Inuit
B33 Inuit Chant Inuit
B34 Inuit Chant Inuit
B35 Kandinsky (5) Untitled
B36 The Godfather* Untitled
B37 Napalm Death Untitled
B38 Pixies Untitled
B39 Robotnicka* Untitled
B40 Sabot (2) Untitled
B41 The Kaisers Untitled
B42 Prokofiev* Untitled


111 short songs.
Just the artists are mentionned on release, not the name of the tracks.