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Erstwhile Records ‎– erstwhile 033-040
7 × CD
DVD, DVD-Video
Box Set

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Outside Shows
CD1-1 Thomas Lehn / Toshimaru Nakamura Untitled 13:12
CD1-2 Tetuzi Akiyama / Günter Müller / Nakamura* Untitled 19:20
CD1-3 Christof Kurzmann / Nakamura* Untitled 24:08
CD1-4 Lehn* / Nakamura* / Taku Sugimoto Untitled 13:20
CD2-1 Günter Müller / Toshimaru Nakamura .tint 4:51
CD2-2 Günter Müller / Toshimaru Nakamura ..tint 4:58
CD2-3 Günter Müller / Toshimaru Nakamura ...tint 15:11
CD2-4 Günter Müller / Toshimaru Nakamura ....tint 13:25
CD2-5 Günter Müller / Toshimaru Nakamura .....tint 10:20
Festival 1
CD3-1 Cosmos (2) Untitled 25:07
CD3-2 Keith Rowe / Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler Untitled 39:29
Festival 2
CD4-1 Günter Müller / Otomo Yoshihide Untitled 36:42
CD4-2 Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler Untitled 39:46
Festival 3
CD5-1 Taku Sugimoto / Burkhard Stangl / Christof Kurzmann Untitled 24:30
CD5-2 Keith Rowe / Toshimaru Nakamura Untitled 31:49
Festival 4
CD6-1 Burkhard Stangl / Günter Müller Untitled 34:13
CD6-2 Toshimaru Nakamura / Sachiko M Untitled 21:30
Seven Guitars
CD7-1 Keith Rowe / Tetuzi Akiyama / Oren Ambarchi / Toshimaru Nakamura / Otomo Yoshihide / Burkhard Stangl / Taku Sugimoto Seven Guitars (Cornelius Cardew: Treatise, pp. 82-84) 38:25
CD7-2 Keith Rowe / Tetuzi Akiyama / Oren Ambarchi / Toshimaru Nakamura / Otomo Yoshihide / Burkhard Stangl / Taku Sugimoto Seven Guitars (Improvisation) 31:03
Balance Beams 1:48:56
DVD-1a Keith Rowe On Preparing For Performance
Interviewer – Oren Ambarchi
DVD-1b No Artist The Musicians And Star Pine's Cafe 4:28
DVD-1c Sugimoto Guitar Quartet* Untitled 6:52
DVD-1d Günter Müller Listening To This Nothing 1:54
DVD-1e Cosmos (2) Untitled 9:46
DVD-1f Keith Rowe Working A Long Life
Interviewer – Oren Ambarchi
DVD-1g Rowe* / Lehn* / Schmickler* Untitled 5:49
DVD-1h No Artist Stroll: Asakusa Market & Asakusa Kannon Temple 1:53
DVD-1i Schnee Untitled
Other [Video Excerpts] – Michaela Grill
DVD-1j Günter Müller Shifting Around The Canvas 1:20
DVD-1k Otomo* / Müller* Untitled 6:31
DVD-1l Marcus Schmickler This Duo We're Doing 1:42
DVD-1m Lehn* / Schmickler* Untitled 6:33
DVD-1n Marcus Schmickler If You Don't Have Any Music 1:33
DVD-1o Sugimoto* / Stangl* / Kurzmann* Untitled 6:04
DVD-1p Keith Rowe The Modernist Agenda
Interviewer – Oren Ambarchi
DVD-1q Keith Rowe Developments In Improvised Music
Interviewer – Oren Ambarchi
DVD-1r Rowe* / Nakamura* Untitled 4:48
DVD-1s Astro Twin Untitled 4:01
DVD-1t No Artist Dinner: Ikenoue / Shimokitazawa 2:00
DVD-1u Stangl* / Müller* Untitled 7:19
DVD-1v Thomas Lehn Music Experience 1:56
DVD-1w Sachiko M / Nakamura* Untitled 4:11
DVD-1x Rowe* / Müller* / Nakamura* Untitled 7:20
DVD-1y No Artist A Very Brave Thing To Do 2:18
Extra Features
DVD-2 Thomas Lehn, Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Sugimoto Gendai Heights Medley 13:45
DVD-3 Keith Rowe, Tetuzi Akiyama, Oren Ambarchi, Toshimaru Nakamura, Otomo Yoshihide, Burkhard Stangl, Taku Sugimoto Seven Guitars (Treatise) 14:08
DVD-4 Burkhard Stangl / Taku Sugimoto, Christof Kurzmann / Toshimaru Nakamura Old-Fashioned Duet // New-Fashioned Duet 9:20
DVD-5 Keith Rowe / Thomas Lehn / Marcus Schmickler 5.1 Surround Sound Mix (Audio Only)
Mixed By [Surround Mix] – Brooks Williams
DVD-6 Günter Müller / Otomo Yoshihide 5.1 Surround Sound Mix (Audio Only)
Mixed By [Surround Mix] – Brooks Williams

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A document of the 2002 Amplify festival in Tokyo curated by Erstwhile's Jon Abbey. Disc 1 and 7 are smaller club shows that took place outside the Festival proper, disc 2 is a studio session that took place around the time of the festival and discs 3-6 feature eight of the twelve sets that took place at the Amplify festival October 18th through the 20th at Star Pine's Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

erstwhile 040, also included in the box, is a DVD entitled "balance beams" that documents the festival, including video of the performances, interviews with the participants and shots of the surrounding area.

Also included is a 48-page booklet in full color with notes from the participants and photographs from the concerts.

Discs packaged in six Digipaks held in a cardboard slipcase within a second cardboard slipcase.