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<b>What is the story of Ahmad Nelson?</b>
On April 12th, 2002 at 1:48 a.m., Ahmad Nelson was released from Orleans Parrish Prison in New Orleans. He proceeded to walk several miles to where he was supposed to meet his girlfriend, whom had gone ahead to their home because of the late hour and the sketchiness of the neighborhood. After stopping by his mom's house in the Iberville housing projects and talking to his girl on the phone, he stopped at a gas station and bought a beer.

At this time (approximately 2:45 a.m.) police officer Wes Williams was shot and killed on Gov. Nicholls Street in the Treme. Williams was off-duty and nowhere near his home or jurisdiction, in a neighborhood known for drugs and prostitution. The gas station surveillance video, which would have vindicated Ahmad failed to be recovered (Ahmad's former lawyer never got the motion for the tape signed).

The prosecution's only "evidence" was the testimony of two "eye-witnesses", one of which has since admitted that their testimony was a lie. District Attorney Harry Connick, well known for withholding evidence and for framing African American youth, easily got an indictment against Ahmad. The police and prosecution have no motive and no gun. Their only evidence seems to be the testimony of a police stool pigeon.

Obviously, you believe what you want, but even if you have any doubts about Ahmad's innocence, the fact of the matter is that he deserves a fair trial by a Judicial System that plays by their own rules. The first step towards this is to help Ahmad pay for real lawyers, and not sentence him to the shoddy defense of a public pretender.

Otherwise, the legal lynchings of innocent African-American youth will continue against the nonresistance of our blissful apathy.

All proceeds from this first pressing of 3000 CDs are going directly to the Committee To Free Ahmad Nelson and to Ahmad Nelson's legal defense fund.

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