Various ‎– Alalva (Be Aware): Corpus Christi Compilation

TFC Records ‎– 003


1 The Krayons Continental Drift
2 Loser On The Way To Mexico
3 Childman (2) God's Eyeball
4 Slugbug (3) Pick Me Up
5 Front Lawn Revolution Cigarette Song
6 Wrong Crowd Make The Choice
7 Dry Heave Rebel
8 Black Milk Easy End
9 Michaela I Don't Like It When People Fight
10 Jabberwocky Overcorrect
11 Festus Estranged
12 Childman (2) Full Moon
13 Loser La-La (Goody Body)
14 Mad Taxi Zero Charisma
15 The Krayons Something About Friends/Chasing The Skyline
16 Front Lawn Revolution Bring Me Down
17 Dry Heave Fucked Up Shit
18 Stone Groove Take It Back
19 Wrong Crowd Better Days
20 Slugbug (3) Caffeine
21 Sweet Daddy Carmen LaFlamme
22 The G & DJ A.L.Z. Killa By Nature


"Alalva" was a DIY compilation effort to capture the moment at a time when a vibrant punk/alternative rock scene was flourishing in Corpus Christi, Texas. Many of the bands that appear on the compilation disbanded within months after the release of the CD in 1994; in addition, Slugbug became Right Turn Clyde after the release of the CD. The compilation track list on the CD tray back panel was printed by Punks with Presses in advance and was not updated to include a last-minute replacement track for Sweet Daddy's "Billy Squier," which was not submitted in time for inclusion. Admittedly raw (organizers Roger Guerrero and Midi Soliz ran out of funds to master the project), the compilation was nonetheless recognized by the State of Texas Office of Music in a letter mailed to TFC Records in 1995. 1000 copies were made and is still currently available through TFC Records.