Various ‎– All Those Times We Spent Together -(A Tribute To The Television Personalities Volume 3)



The Years (2) This Angry Silence 2:51
Anorak Girl Smashing Time 3:03
Blue Petal A Good And Faithful Servant 3:15
The Model Spy I Know Where Syd Barret Lives 3:23
Jo Bartlett If I Could Write Poetry 5:46
A Smile And A Ribbon Magnificent Dreams 2:36
Sarandon And Don't The Kids Just Love It 2:10
The Painted Word (2) The Painted Word 3:27
The Hi-Life Companion King And Country 4:30
Amida (3) In A Perfumed Garden 1:16
Armstrong (2) This Heart’s Not Made Of Stone 3:27
Languis Paradise Is For The Blessed 3:55
Cineplexx I Hope You Have A Nice Day 3:18
Out Of Nowhere 14th Floor (The Psychedelic Electro Mod Mix) 3:09
Apple Orchard The Dream Inspires 3:20
La Grande Illusion Glittering Prizes 3:50
Jim Jasmine A Sense Of Belonging 3:06
Bunnygrunt The Man Who Paints The Rainbows 2:06
S/T When The Dolphins Leave The Sea 4:56
The Meek All My Dreams Are Dead 3:12
Cootie Shot Jackanory Stories 1:57
Jeremy Gluck & Superczar King And Country 6:27
Boyracer This Angry Silence 2:41
Bonus Disc
JC Brouchard* W Dave Bartholomews New Orleans Jazz Band Reves De Grandeur (Magnificent Dreams) 2:46
The Afternoon Tea Jackanory Stories 3:29
The Puddle You Are Special And & You Always Will Be 3:31
Arnau Obiols Gali The Prettiest Girl In The World 2:44
The Coosticks Me And My Big Ideas 3:45
The Milestone Band Honey For The Bears 3:20
Golden Teardrops I Remember Bridget Riley 2:10
Two Angry Men The Glittering Prizes 3:13
The Painted Word (2) Scream Quietly 3:35
Black Umbrella Where's Bill Grundy Now? 3:30
Babybee A Picture Of Dorian Gray 2:16
Tac's Le Petite Illusion (Intermission) 3:36
Except The General Geoffrey Ingram 2:37
The Pristines The Painted Word (Minimal Mix) 3:57
Humdrum (6) Part Time Punks 4:01
Palmflower Jackanory Stories 3:40
Simon Goalpost Where's Bill Grundy Now? 2:44
The Airwaves We Knew Where Syd Barrett Lived 3:26
The Nomen* A Picture Of Dorian Gray 2:23
Neil Mooney Any Love Is Good Love 3:25
Isaac Snazell Thackray Silly Girl 3:32
Nicholas Maycroft I Want To Be A Bartlebee 2:43
Television Personalities Arthur The Gardener (Live Berlin 1980) 4:25