Various ‎– American Cassette Culture Recordings 1971-1983

Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.AP1, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.AP2, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.KL1, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.KL2, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.GH1, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.GH2, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.GH1/2Bonus7inch, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.KM1, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.KM2, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.KM1/2Bonus7inch, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.MB, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.YS, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.DS, Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139.SR
12 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
2 × Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition, Numbered
Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered

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VOD139.AP1 • Anode Productions • Tape-Recordings 1974-1979 •
Early Tapeworm
Floyd Cramers Hall Of Gold
Year Of The Taperecorder (1974-1975)
A1 Anode Productions* 25-In High 1:08
A2 Anode Productions* Cacopheno Part 1 And 2 2:35
A3 Anode Productions* Babies Have To Be White 0:53
A4 Anode Productions* Symphony For Steel String Guitar 7:56
A5 Anode Productions* From The Waist Down
Synthesizer [Uncredited] – K. Leimer
A6 Anode Productions* Cluter
Synthesizer [Uncredited] – K. Leimer
A7 Anode Productions* 17 Ways To Skin A Cat 0:41
A8 Anode Productions* The Fish-Milk Syndrome 3:31
A9 Anode Productions* Original Syn 1:33
A10 Anode Productions* Reflective Calm 3:08
Kinetic Experiments (1974-1979)
B1 Anode Productions* Stop It!
Bass [Uncredited] – K. Leimer
B2 Anode Productions* Evening Thoughts 8:50
B3 Anode Productions* Skydiving With Lepers 1:58
B4 Anode Productions* Steel Wool Clouds 2:39
B5 Anode Productions* Loeon 3:40
B6 Anode Productions* Dreams Of Sleeping 4:00
B7 Anode Productions* Quiet Synth 1:37
VOD139.AP2 • Anode Productions • Tape-Recordings 1974-1979 •
Trips North Trips South (1977-1979)
C1 Anode Productions* Downtime 20:00
C2 Anode Productions* Luxus 8:16
D1 Anode Productions* Trips North, Trips South, Not Intended For Consumption
Keyboards [Uncredited] – Marc Barreca
D2 Anode Productions* Ataraxia
Synthesizer [Uncredited] – K. Leimer
VOD139.KL1 • K. Leimer • Tape-Recordings 1977-1980 •
Translucent: (1978) + Bonus (1977-1978)
E1 K. Leimer Go Slowly All The Way Round The Outside 6:47
E2 K. Leimer Failure 4:47
E3 K. Leimer Porcelain
Vocals – Nancy Estle
E4 K. Leimer The Vanishing Fountain 3:12
E5 K. Leimer Stationary Image 2:44
E6 K. Leimer 555 2:32
Memory (1978)
F1 K. Leimer Sleep 2:32
F2 K. Leimer Malaise 4:45
F3 K. Leimer A Simple Sadness 6:44
F4 K. Leimer Kirlian 4:31
F5 K. Leimer Nostalgia For Sleep 3:52
VOD139.KL2 • K. Leimer • Tape-Recordings 1977-1980 •
Natural History (1979) + Bonus (1980)
G1 K. Leimer At Daybreak 2:38
G2 K. Leimer Natural History 2:40
G3 K. Leimer Desert Largo 2:15
G4 K. Leimer Hansa 2:16
G5 K. Leimer Milk Sphinx 2:08
G6 K. Leimer Through Ghost 2:05
G7 K. Leimer The Vanishing Fountain 2:08
G8 K. Leimer Threshold 7:24
The Mind And Its Likeness (1979) + Bonus (1980)
H1 K. Leimer Figure Eights 2:42
H2 K. Leimer Ancient Of Days 2:31
H3 K. Leimer The Mind And Its Likeness 5:41
H4 K. Leimer Ground To Ground 1:50
H5 K. Leimer Acquiescence 5:07
H6 K. Leimer Diminish 4:56
H7 K. Leimer Two Chambers 1:58
VOD139.GH1 • Galen • Tape-Recordings 1979-1980 •
Xom + Gulag
I1 Galen* Xom 1 8:45
I2 Galen* Xom 2 18:00
J1 Galen* Xom 3 12:39
J2 Galen* Xom 4 6:25
J3 Galen* D1 8:48
VOD139.GH2 • Galen • Tape-Recordings 1979-1980 •
Limacon + Gulag
K1 Galen* Limacon 1 15:10
K2 Galen* Limacon 2 5:10
K3 Galen* Two Years 9:38
L1 Galen* Three Trails A 2:05
L2 Galen* Three Trails B 2:02
L3 Galen* Three Trails C 2:39
L4 Galen* ( ) 7:10
L5 Galen* E2 7:00
L6 Galen* Nm2 5:30
VOD139.GH1/2Bonus7inch • Galen • Bonus 7" •
M1 Galen* Lowdown 3:42
M2 Galen* Full Speed Ahead Of The Rush To Nothings 5:05
From Ascending Rehearsals For A Motionless Dwelling (1980)
N Galen* From Ascending Rehearsals For A Motionless Dwelling (Edit) 9:55
VOD139.KM1 • Ken Moore • Electronic Music Series Vol.1-5 (1976-1983) •
From The Album "Tempus Fugit" EMS#1 (AC03, 1980)
O1 Ken Moore (4) Oche De Leah 12:24
O2 Ken Moore (4) Tempus Fugit 9:30
O3 Ken Moore (4) The Dream In E/C 5:23
From The Album "To Come Into Being" EMS#2 (AC06, 1981)
P1 Ken Moore (4) To Come Into Being 7:58
P2 Ken Moore (4) The Putative Curvatures Of Time 2:01
P3 Ken Moore (4) A Hole In Space 1:52
P4 Ken Moore (4) Radius Of Captures 7:19
P5 Ken Moore (4) Svit Of 15 Oscillators 8:00
VOD139.KM2 • Ken Moore • Electronic Music Series Vol.1-5 (1976-1983) •
Loubi Stem (AC08, 1981)
To No Avail (AC12, 1983)
Q1 Ken Moore (4) Any Sense At All 8:28
Q2 Ken Moore (4) For The Duration 2:55
Q3 Ken Moore (4) For The Root Is The Dream 7:48
Q4 Ken Moore (4) Viscous 8:16
Jupiter Effects (AC19, 1984)
R1 Ken Moore (4) The Jupiter Effects (Edit) 6:18
R2 Ken Moore (4) Derangement Of Temporality 8:21
R3 Ken Moore (4) Event Horizon 9:14
R4 Ken Moore (4) The Ring Of Saturn (Edit) 8:17
VOD139.KM1/2Bonus7inch • Ken Moore • More Electronic Works (1977-1983) • Bonus 7" •
Frame Of Reference (AC01, 1977-1979)
S1 Ken Moore (4) Steeple Church 5:20
S2 Ken Moore (4) Osmosis 2:47
In A Pound Of Logic (AC11, 1983)
T Ken Moore (4) Anvil Cumulus 10:29
VOD139.MB • Marc Barreca • Tape-Recordings 1977-1983 •
Raw Fish And Green Tea (1979)
U1 Marc Barreca Eight Hours to Milan 5:59
U2 Marc Barreca Raw Fish And Green Tea 7:13
U3 Marc Barreca Briefly Interrupted By A Welcome Stranger 5:47
Currents (1980)
U4 Marc Barreca Current 2 4:11
U5 Marc Barreca Current 6 4:40
In A Foreign Land (1977)
V1 Marc Barreca Wolf Tone 3:12
V2 Marc Barreca Boppin 3:49
V3 Marc Barreca Soundtrack From Salmo 4:28
V4 Marc Barreca School Of Wales 4:19
V5 Marc Barreca In A Foreign Land 6:16
Music Works For Industry (1983)
V6 Marc Barreca Music Works For Industry
Bass – Jay Hamilton, Terry Morgan (4)Drums – Michael Bush (2), Philip Hertz*Guitar – Dennis Rea, Steve PetersSaxophone – David Fischer (2)Technician [Equipment Loan] – David Bailey (8), James HustedVoice – Cheri Knight, Heidi Drucker, V. Glavin*
V7 Marc Barreca The Urge To Buy Terrorizes You
Bass – Jay Hamilton, Terry Morgan (4)Drums – Michael Bush (2), Philip Hertz*Guitar – Dennis Rea, Steve PetersSaxophone – David Fischer (2)Technician [Equipment Loan] – David Bailey (8), James HustedVoice – Cheri Knight, Heidi Drucker, V. Glavin*
V8 Marc Barreca Community Life
Bass – Jay Hamilton, Terry Morgan (4)Drums – Michael Bush (2), Philip Hertz*Guitar – Dennis Rea, Steve PetersSaxophone – David Fischer (2)Technician [Equipment Loan] – David Bailey (8), James HustedVoice – Cheri Knight, Heidi Drucker, V. Glavin*
VOD139.YS • Young Scientist • Tape-Recordings 1979-1981 •
W1 Young Scientist Breakfast At Mom's 6:20
W2 Young Scientist Manufacturing 5:35
W3 Young Scientist Angkor What 6:35
W4 Young Scientist Rehearsal Fragment 3 4:43
W5 Young Scientist Rehearsal Fragment 5 4:39
X1 Young Scientist Space Filling Curves 4:55
X2 Young Scientist Subculture 7:43
X3 Young Scientist Uzu Suburbs 7:19
X4 Young Scientist Over Low Trees 10:06
VOD139.DS • Don Slepian • Tape-Recordings 1971-1982 •
Electronic Music From The Rainbow Island + Bonus (1971-1982)
Y1 Don Slepian Evolution 10:34
Y2 Don Slepian Glimmerings 3:29
Y3 Don Slepian Flight Over Swampland 5:15
Y4 Don Slepian Halloween Piece 4:30
Y5 Don Slepian March Of The Spirits 2:03
Z1 Don Slepian Horizon 5:23
Z2 Don Slepian Sunflower Geranium 8:41
Z3 Don Slepian Fast Motion 2:40
Z4 Don Slepian Another Electric Tuesday 6:12
VOD139.SR • Steve Roach • Tape-Recordings • Now (Extended) •
Now (1982)
AA1 Steve Roach Growth Sequence 9:05
AA2 Steve Roach Transition 4:30
AA3 Steve Roach Cloud Motion
Synthesizer [Moog Gliss] – Bryce Robbley
AA4 Steve Roach The Ritual Continues 4:47
AA5 Steve Roach Comeback
Flute – Will MorrisSaxophone – Dennis Baglama
Now (1982) + Bonus
BB1 Steve Roach Inquest 7:00
BB2 Steve Roach Emotion Revealed 23:00


  • Engineer [Additional Engineer]Danny Sofer* (tracks: AA1 to BB2)
  • Performer, Bass [Fuzz Bass], Organ [Thomas Organ], Percussion [Baking Sheet, Trash Can], Snare [Snare Drum], Synthesizer [Home Made Modular Synthesizer], MIDI Controller [Home Made Ribbon Controller], Drum Machine [Paia Drum Machine, TR-808], Effects [Delta Labs Digital Delay], Other [Proone]Galen* (tracks: I1 to N)
  • Performer, Keyboards, Loops [Tape Loops]Marc Barreca (tracks: U1 to V6)
  • Performer, Recorded By, Tape Op [Teac 2340, Dokorder 7100, Tascam 38, Altec Lansing Microphone], Tape [Prepared Tapes], Voice, Effects [Echoplex], Other [Breath, Alarm And Cuckoo Clocks, Glass Crystal, Metal Bowls], Synthesizer [Minimoog, Arp String Ensemble, Arp Odissey], Piano [Prepared Piano Harp, Acoustic Piano Pedals], Organ [Lowrey Portable, Hammond Organ With 4-Channel Delay], Percussion [Modified Percussion], Cymbal, Drums [Ludwig Drums], Kalimba, Mellotron, Vibraslap, BalafonKen Moore (4) (tracks: O1 to T)
  • Performer, Synthesizer [Arp 2600, Micro Moog, Arp String Ensemble, Roland Sh 3A, Oberheim Ob-8, Roland Sh 3A], Sequenced By [2 Arp Sequencers], Effects [Roland Space Echo], Tape Op [Teac-tascam 3340 - 4 Track Reel To Reel, Technics Cassette Recorder], Electronics [Teac-Tascam Model 5 Mixer]Steve Roach (tracks: AA1 to BB2)
  • Performer, Synthesizer [Micromoog, Minimoog, Moog Taurus Bass Pedal, Oberheim Module], Piano, Electric Piano [Pianot], Guitar [Les Paul Copy], Bass [Rickenbacker 4003 Bass], Electronic Drums [Rhythm Box], Claves, Tape Op [Teac 3340S (2), Advent 201 Cassette Recorder], Effects [Mutron Bi-Phase, Echoplex, Spring Reverb], Electronics [Teac Model 26-Channel Mixer]K. Leimer (tracks: E1 to H7)
  • Performer, Tape [Tape Techniques], Other [Countryman Phase Shifter, Hold Birds, Resonator Bells, Backwards Half-Speed Sound], Sequenced By [Eml 400/401 Analog Sequencer Permutation Patch], Lap Steel Guitar, Synthesizer [Arp 2600, Arp Odissey, Arp Omni, Yamaha Cs-80, Yamaha Cp-70, Yamaha Cs-60, Eml 101, Korg Ps3100, Korg Ms-20, Korg Sq-10], Sampler, Effects [Reel-Flanging, Eventide Clockworks Harmonizer], Piano, Flute [Tenor Penny Whistle]Don Slepian (tracks: Y1 to Z4)
  • Synthesizer, Electronics, Loops [Tape Loops]James Husted (tracks: W1 to X4)
  • Synthesizer, Electronics, Loops [Tape Loops], Accordion [Modified Accordion], MellotronMarc Barreca (tracks: W1 to X4)
  • Synthesizer, Electronics, Loops [Tape Loops], Saxophone [Modified Saxophone]Roland Barker (tracks: W1 to X4)


12 LP and 2 bonus 7" housed in a boxset limited to 300 copies. Comes with an hand-numbered VOD certificate.
All the releases contained in this boxset are limited to 500 copies and come with an hand-numbered VOD certificate.
Issued with a 48 page Lp sized booklet.

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