Various ‎– American Cassette Culture: Recordings 1971-83

Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD139
8 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Booklet
Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered


VOD139.DS - Don Slepian - Recordings 1971-1983
A1 Don Slepian Evolution
A2 Don Slepian Glimmerings
A3 Don Slepian Flight Over Swampland
A4 Don Slepian Halloween Piece
A5 Don Slepian March Of The Spirits
B1 Don Slepian Horizon
B2 Don Slepian Sunflower
B3 Don Slepian Fast Motion
B4 Don Slepian Another Electric Tuesday
VOD139.SR1 - Steve Roach - Tape Recordings - 'Now' (Extended)
A1 Steve Roach Growth Sequence
A2 Steve Roach Transition
A3 Steve Roach Cloud Motion
A4 Steve Roach The Ritual Continues
A5 Steve Roach Comeback Flute
B1 Steve Roach Inquest
B2 Steve Roach Emotion Revealed
VOD139.MB - Marc Barreca – Tape-Recordings 1977-1983
A1 Marc Barreca Eight Hours To Milan
A2 Marc Barreca Raw Fish And Green Tea
A3 Marc Barreca Briefly Interrupted By A Welcome Stranger
A4 Marc Barreca Current 2
A5 Marc Barreca Current 6
B1 Marc Barreca Wolf Tone
B2 Marc Barreca Boppin
B3 Marc Barreca Soundtrack From Salmo
B4 Marc Barreca School Of Wales
B5 Marc Barreca In A Foreign Land
B6 Marc Barreca Music Works For Industry
B7 Marc Barreca The Urge To Buy Terrorizes You
B8 Marc Barreca Community Life
VOD139.AP1 and VOD139.AP2 - Anode Productions - Recordings 1974-1979
A1 Anode Production* 25-in High
A2 Anode Production* Cacopheno Part 1 And 2
A3 Anode Production* Babies Have To Be White
A4 Anode Production* Symphony For Steel String Guitar
A5 Anode Production* From The Waist Down
A6 Anode Production* Cluter
A7 Anode Production* 17 Ways To Skin A Cat
A8 Anode Production* The Fish Milk Syndrom
A9 Anode Production* Original Syn
A10 Anode Production* Reflective Calm
B1 Anode Production* Stop It!
B2 Anode Production* Evening Thoughts
B3 Anode Production* Skydiving With Lepers
B4 Anode Production* Steel Wool Clouds
B5 Anode Production* Loeon
B6 Anode Production* Dreams Of Sleeping
B7 Anode Production* Quiet Synth
C1 Anode Production* Downtime
C2 Anode Production* Luxus
D1 Anode Production* Trips North Trips South Not Intended For Consumption
D2 Anode Production* Ataraxia
VOD139.KL1 And VOD139.KL2 - K. Leimer - Recordings 1977-80
A1 K. Leimer Go Slowly All The Way Round The Outside
A2 K. Leimer Failure
A3 K. Leimer Porcelain
A4 K. Leimer The Vanishing Fountain
A5 K. Leimer Stationary Image
A6 K. Leimer 555
B1 K. Leimer Sleep
B2 K. Leimer Malaise
B3 K. Leimer A Simple Sadness
B4 K. Leimer Kirlian
B5 K. Leimer Nostalgia For Sleep
C1 K. Leimer At Daybreak
C2 K. Leimer Natural History
C3 K. Leimer Desert Largo
C4 K. Leimer Hansa
C5 K. Leimer Milk Sphinx
C6 K. Leimer Through Ghost
C7 K. Leimer The Vanishing Fountain
C8 K. Leimer Threshold
D1 K. Leimer Figure Eights
D2 K. Leimer Ancient Of Days
D3 K. Leimer The Mind And Its Likeness
D4 K. Leimer Ground To Ground
D5 K. Leimer Acquiescence
D6 K. Leimer Diminish
D7 K. Leimer Two Chambers
VOD139.YS - Young Scientist ‎– Recordings 1979-81
A1 Young Scientist Breakfast At Moms
A2 Young Scientist Manufacturing
A3 Young Scientist Angkor What
A4 Young Scientist Rehearsal Fragment 3
A5 Young Scientist Rehearsal Fragment 5
B1 Young Scientist Space Filling Curves
B2 Young Scientist Subculture
B3 Young Scientist Uzu Suburbs
B4 Young Scientist Over Low Trees



8 LP set housed in a boxset limited to 150 copies. Comes with an hand-numbered VOD certificate and a 48 p. booklet.
All the releases contained in this boxset are limited to 500 copies and come with an hand-numbered VOD certificate.

Contains the releases:

Don Slepian - Recordings 1971-83 (LP) :
- A1-A5 and B1 from "Electronic Music from the Rainbow Island" (1978)
- B2 and B4 from Synarios (Don Slepian and Laurie Paisley) - "Uncontrolled Voltage" (1982)
- B3 from "Rhythm of Life" (1982)

Steve Roach - Tape-Recordings - Now (Extended) (LP) :
- Performed and recorded at Timerooms, Los Angeles, Santa Monica & Culver City, California.
- "Comeback" performed live at The Comeback Inn, Venice, California.
- Tracks A1-B1 from "Now"(1982).
- Track B2 is a previously unreleased bonus track.

Marc Barreca - Tape-Recordings 1977-1983 (LP) :
- Tracks A1-A3 from "Raw Fish And Green Tea", 1979
- Tracks A4-A5 from "Currents", 1980
- Tracks B1-B5 from "In A Foreign Land", 1977
- Tracks B6-B8 from "Music Works For Industry", 1983

Anode Productions* - Recordings 1974-1979 (2xLP in a gatefold sleeve) :
- Tracks A1-A10 from "Early Tapeworm / Floyd Cramers Hall Of Gold / Year Of The Taperecorder" (1974-1975)
- Tracks B1-B7 from "Kinetic Experiments" (1974-1979)
- Tracks C1-C2-D1-D2 from "Trips North Trips South" (1979)

K. Leimer - Recordings 1977-80 (2xLP in a gatefold sleeve) :
- Tracks A1-A3 and B1-B5 from "Translucent" (Jan-April 1978) and "Memory" (May-Dec 1978)
- Tracks A4-A6, C8 and D7 bonus tracks from "Instalation View"
- Tracks C1-C7 and D1-D6 from "Natural History / The Mind And Its Likeness" (1979)

Young Scientist - Tape Recordings (1979-81) (LP) :
- Tracks A3, B4 from "Over Low Trees" (1979)
- Tracks A1, A2, B1-B3 from "Live Sciences" (1980)
- Tracks A4, A5 Bonus

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