Various ‎– America's Dairyland

Last Rites ‎– LR 001
Cassette, Album, Compilation


A1 Die Kreuzen Think For Me
A2 Die Kreuzen Enemies
A3 G.F.O. Not Fair
A4 G.F.O. Police Raid
A5 G.F.O. Begin To End
A6 G.F.O. Girl Problems
A7 Suburban Mutilation Menachem Begin
A8 Suburban Mutilation Plastic Chicken
A9 Suburban Mutilation Police State
A10 Suburban Mutilation I Object
A11 Malignance (2) Interagation
A12 Malignance (2) Frozen Popsicle
A13 Malignance (2) It's Too Bad
A14 The Crusties Stankin' Muckworm
A15 The Crusties Dairyland Youth
A16 The Crusties Who Cares So What
A17 The Crusties Farmer Vick
A18 No (22) Anti-Christ
A19 No (22) Joker's Wild
A20 Die Kreuzen Rumors
B1 Mecht Mensch Killer Klowns
B2 Mecht Mensch What's Right
B3 Mecht Mensch Free Animals
B4 Bloody Mattresses Boredom's A Fact Of Life
B5 Bloody Mattresses Red White And Blues
B6 Sacred Order Cowboy Intro
B7 Sacred Order You Bastard
B8 Sacred Order Erik Estrada
B9 Distain Killer Kops
B10 Distain School
B11 Distain Apartments
B12 Imminent Attack We Are Not Alone
B13 Imminent Attack Who Are You
B14 Imminent Attack Bad Habbits
B15 N.F.O.D. Shock
B16 N.F.O.D. Stand Your Ground
B17 N.F.O.D. Intelectual
B18 Clitboys We Don't Play The Game
B19 Clitboys Slogan Boys
B20 Clitboys I Hate The K.K.K.
B21 Backstab (4) No Rules
B22 Juvenile Thrash Seek And Destroy